Constitution: Home Stretch!!

Today in class we took a little test sampler. It featured 35 of the actual Constitution Test Questions. The quiz may be found here, if you’re interested in seeing it yourself or trying again at home.

Also, here’s a copy of the WS we gave in class today. It should serve as both a better study guide, as well as a comprehensive review of our major points covered in class.


26 thoughts on “Constitution: Home Stretch!!

  1. Connie Mixon

    Should students know the difference between civil and criminal law? Should they know the structure of the federal judiciary? Articles of Confederation? Shay’s Rebellion?

  2. Hey Connie,

    Of those, only criminal and civil will be on the test. We’ll discuss Articles and Shay’s Rebellion when we study the history more after break.

    Thanks for helping, I know he appreciates it!

  3. Joe DeSanto

    Hey Mr Little do know any other good study resources i can use to prepare.

    p.s. the tupperware i used for the stapler and jell well my mom kinda wants it back if their is any way u can return it that will be great

  4. Nick Nuccio

    Mr. Little, i have been studying intensely and wanted to know.. that blue are you ready for the constitution test worksheet, is that a major study tool with most of the questions? i am wondering this because i am using this more than my note packets to study. Thanks:)

  5. Connie

    Thanks Mr. Little – You are doing a great job engaging your students. I love your web page! I wish all of my COLLEGE students had gained this knowledge in K-12! My Political Science concentration is Chicago/Urban Politics. I am excited to help Michael with the History Fair! We are planning to visit the Chicago History Museum over break.

  6. Look in your notes – each article has a section SPECIFICALLY titled “powers of the legislative/executive/judicial” branch. Each are near the “end” of their appropriate article notes. Article 3 is easy though – the power of the judicial branch is judicial review (review and interpret the nation’s laws).

  7. Allie – Make notecards for the 5 or 6 on the blue sheet, and just keep studying! Try coming up with a phrase, or a picture in your mind, for each. Simplify them so that they make sense to you and your brain!!

  8. Just keep using the stuff I gave you! Also, try “power citizen.” It’s an android/iphone app that’s pretty cool. Should work on a regular ipod touch, too.

  9. Allie – the best tips are those that connect the material with your prior knowledge. Try to think about a “trick” to make them stick. I have to put Mason to bed, then I’ll come back and help!!

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