Studying for the Constitution Test

10 days until test day! (almost, it’s more like 11, but 10 sounds more monumental) How can we best help the students review and prepare? Here are some ways, with their learning styles outlined with them. Whatever your learning style is, studying for 30 minutes a day for the next 10 days is the BEST way to review. It may require an initial 2 hour session or so to get organized and together, but I’m telling you – those that study like this do the best on the Test. It’s a proven fact that repeated practice helps you learn the material more permanently.There’s a reason why people think DGS’s Constitution Test is easier :) Plus, the longer you put this off, the more stressful studying becomes.

  • Make notecards to review with. These would have a question/word/government power on one side, and the answer on the reverse. (best for Word Smart, Myself Smart or Number Smart)
  • Study Buddies. Find a friend to quiz you from worksheets, old quizzes, the study guide, and notecards. You could even take advantage of a 3 day weekend and study with friends, or host a study party the weekend before (provided it’s structured with study and sleep, of course) (People Smart)
  • Sing it! With our study guide being organized by Article, you could make songs or rhymes to better memorize the info. (Music Smart)
  • Play a game, go for a run, or blow some stuff up. If you’re Body Smart, get active. Play the Brain Pop games, watch the videos, or incorporate studying into some game or exercise. You’re more likely to remember the information if you incorporate physical activity into the review. This is especially true for boys. (also good for People Smart)

Hint: a quick search of this blog using the “Constitution” key words may bring up some helpful old posts, too


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