2011 JV Ballers

Tryouts are never easy on any of us. Congratulations to the girls whom we selected, and thank you to the ones that came and tried out. You’re welcome to join us when intramurals begin. We’ll need more players next year!

The 2011 JV Team is

  • Mackenzie Wisdom
  • Renee Kryk
  • Olivia Tonietto
  • Kaitlyn Maas
  • Payton Froats
  • Cate Stoppelman
  • Jennifer Masello
  • Kailee O’Connor
  • Megan Unsicker
  • Jamie Vacek
  • Cara Dwan
  • Lindsay Morton
  • Nicole Zowaski
  • Angela Veverka

:Practice begins Friday, and is 3-5 every day. Be ready!!


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