Goals, Principles, and Articles Quiz

Can you name the…

  • Seven Articles of the Constitution (in order)?
  • Seven Principles of the Constitution (and their definition)?
  • Six Goals of the Preamble (and what they mean)?

All of this information should be found on pages 248-251 in the textbook. It is also on numerous worksheets, was a part of class activities every day since Monday, and reviewed heavily today. Please, ask/comment on this blog if you have any questions.

5 thoughts on “Goals, Principles, and Articles Quiz

  1. Beth Vetter

    was there a ruberic for the 6 goals of the Preamble? If so i dont have one can u post it on ur blog????? Thanks Beth 3rd period

  2. Hey Beth!

    No, no “rubric,” you just have to know what they’re about. For example: which goal deals with giving all people equal rights in our country? Or, which one deals with speed limits around schools (so you’re all safe going to school!)? Think of what each one is about, and you’ll be good! This would be your little book, our class discussions, the back of the white Goals and Principals WS, the pop quiz, and textbook pages 248-9.

    Let me know if you need more help!

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