Outlining the Goals & Principles of the USC

We spent some time in class today outlining the Goals and Principles of the US Constitution. These are the basic “frames” of the USC, and helps us understand where all other info fits in at. This is, the most basic info. Therefore, if students don’t take this building block very seriously, they have literally created a weak foundation from which to scaffold higher understanding and knowledge of the USC.

We also discussed HOW to outline. Here is an example of how we outline in this class (and is similar to other classes, I understand!:

4th Period did an outline that was slightly different today… all the other classes will be getting it tomorrow, but this is a head start for the kids in 4th!



3 thoughts on “Outlining the Goals & Principles of the USC

  1. madison smith

    hey mr. little
    i don’t really understand what were supposed to outline for our homework. I was going to ask you during basketball today but i forgot (OOOOOPS) so if you could explain it to me that would be GREAT! I don’t know if this goes directly to your phone or something. But thanks!

    -Madison Smith
    Period 2

  2. Madison,

    What you’re doing is basically outlining the Main Ideas. There are 3 of them – Goals of the Preamble, Articles and Amendments, and Principles. Once you have that started, you’ll fill it in with “Big Points” of each section (which are the 6 goals, 7 principles, and 7 articles), and maybe something to explain each of those 20 (a definition or something). But that’s optional. Just give me some of the basic info. It would, look something like this:

    I. Preamble Goals
    A. In order to form a more perfect union
    B. Establish Justice.
    C. Provide for the Common Defense
    and on and on….

    II. Articles and Amendments
    A. Article One gives powers to the Legislative Branch.
    B. Article Two gives powers to the Executive Branch.

    III. Principles
    A. Republicanism
    B. Individual Rights
    C. Limited Government

    Let me know if this helps!!

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