Homework – 9/19

Please find 3 examples of common good. This could be a person, or a group, doing something that benefits the entire community, nation, or world.

No need to type up a reflection, just write down the examples in your notebook/on paper, and bring them in to discuss!


Run Like a THATE!

We always encourage girls to work hard, sure, but any hard work comes from a passion for being great. The entire Thate family of kids is pretty awesome (Nicole set a IESA record here, Eric starred in soccer here & at DGS, Jackie’s been running like crazy since she arrived there, too). Now Amanda (LV class of ’11 and Championship PG), who has always used her competitiveness to work and hard and become great, is becoming as successful as her siblings. She’s a month in at DGS, and already doing great things.

Freshman Amanda Thate and Junior Katie Strelau led the Mustang, finishing in a 1-2 punch.

Thate set a new 3-mile school record (as well as meet and course records) with her time of 17:32. Strelau was runner-up with a time of 18:09.

This isn’t some natural, genetic disposition for running. Or luck. Amanda has worked her backside off to become a great runner. In just a year, she’s trimmed serious time. For a comparison, last year she ran the IESA’s 2-mile course in 15:33. Do some simple math, and she’s cut nearly 2 minutes off her mile pace! This is directly a result of running all summer, caring deeply about being great (wanting to win more than you want to breath), and working hard, even when you don’t want to.

You can read the whole story here. Congrats, girls, and good luck this season!