Letters to Mr. Little

I like to do these a few times a year. “Letters to Mr. Little (LTML)” are free writes that share some information about students that I don’t get through class. It’s also a good way to build rapport with students, something that’s often overlooked in he learning process.

From the Association for Psychological Science:

it is easy to see how rapport-building contributes to creating a context for establishing a positive emotional classroom atmosphere and helping students learn. After all, most students view their courses as much more than mere intellectual exercises. They often develop strong feelings about their courses and their teachers, which may be positive or negative, depending on whether those teachers take steps to build rapport or to alienate them. By not actively seeking to build rapport, we may unwittingly alienate our students.

Naturally, I don’t want to alienate anyone! But conversely – we want all students to feel welcome in my classroom, to feel like they have a voice, and I want to build my lessons in a way that reflects their interests and the way they learn. Building rapport and learning about them in letters like this is a major part of any success we have this year in the learning process.

For your LTML, I need the following 3 paragraphs:

  1. (Optional, since we just did the Student Inventory Sheet) What do you like or dislike about school? How do you learn? What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in school?
  2. Tell me about yourself! What’s your family like? What kind of activities are you involved in? What adventures can you share? How would your parents describe you?
  3. (Pick one of these) What quote or line from a song describes you? (or) What is your absolute favorite thing to do in the world?

Can’t wait to see what students write tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Letters to Mr. Little

  1. Matt Millbrandt

    Dear Mr. Little,

    I watched the tribute of 9/11/01 on abc news. It was hard to watch but I went threw it. I watched the moment of silence and watched the pictures of the plane crash into the towers. It was cool how they posted names on the memorial pool and how they rang the bells. 343 fire fighters died. 2,996 people died on that day. The Pentagon got hit and everyone evacuated but after it alot of people went back to work the next day. Today I feel safer that people are more cautious, and that we still remember all the people who lost their lives that day.


    Matt Millbrandt

  2. Kyle O'Leary

    Dear Mr. Little

    I have watched so many 9/11 videos it is so interesting to watch even though you know what’s going to happen. I don’t remember any thing because I was only 2 years old at the time. It was a scarey time for America. Not a lot of people knew what was going on when the first plane hit. When the second plane hit every one knew it was terrorism. People started running when the buildings fell, they ran in terror. Another plane hit the pentagon, then one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. In that plane people fought the terriost so they wouldn’t kill a lot of more people. Almost 3000 people died that day. It was one of the worst things that has happened in American history.
    Kyle O’Leary

  3. mike wagner

    Dear Mr. Little,
    I have watched many videos and TV broadcasts about 9/11 this weekend and i learned a lot of new things about the day. I learned that people from the twin towers jumped out of the buildings so that they wouldn’t catch on fire. Also i figured out that about half of the people berried in the ruble weren’t even found, and that many little infants and children never got to see their parents come home, or ever again after 9/11. I know that 9/11 was one of and the worst terrorist attack on the U.S since the Japanese bombed pearl harbor. It was scary and terrifying to watch the videos and see the photos of 9/11 and it left me wondering why Osama bin laden would want to do that to the U.S.

    Mike Wagner

  4. Kristina Mucha

    Dear Mr.Little

    Saturday night my family and I watched some of the 9/11 programs on TLC. One talked about two men named Frank and Pablo who saved over 70 people in the North tower. It’s hard to believe how brave those two men were to risk their lives to save others. I know I could never do such a thing. Another part included relatives of those on one of the planes. Their son called them to say he thought he was probably going to die and that he loved them very much. It is hard to imagine how difficult it must have been for those people on the plane, their loved ones, and the people who walked so many floors down the towers to reach safety.

    Kristina Mucha

  5. Olivia Veselak

    Dear Mr. Little,
    It was a very scary time for the people who got caught in the 9-11 attack. I feel bad for the people who died and the ones who got hurt. This event scarred many people forever. I can’t imagine being a family member that day of someone working in one of those buildings. Many people didn’t know where there families were or if they were still alive.

    Oliva Veselak

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