Studying for the State Capitals Quiz

We spent some time this week reviewing the capitals, but also discussing how to connect them to our Multiple Intelligences. There are so many ways to study. Doing something the way your mom and dad, or sibling, or because a student scored perfectly – like Gillian! – did it, would be an act of foolishness. Do what works for YOU! Use your strengths, and have fun learning. Just because medicine works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Be your own “study doctor:” diagnose your strengths/weaknesses, and adjust accordingly.

Additionally, here are some great iPod/iPad/iPhone apps that you can download and play. They’re all State Capital games – if you find more, let me know and I’ll add them… AND give you a pick from the Box!

And a few Android games:

Here are some other examples of how students can learn with each Multiple Intelligence strength:

Bodily-Kinaestetic: These students excel at physical activities, like sports or dance. These students are also successful at building things and associating learned material with physical movement. Think dancers, comedians, builders, and artists.

Interpersonal: These students excel when interacting with other students and are usually extroverts. Usually, Interpersonal learners understand others’ emotions and are empathetic. Think politicians (in theory, maybe not practice!), social workers, and managers.

Verbal-Linguistic: These students excel when reading, writing, and memorizing dates or lists. They learn best by taking notes, debating, discussing, and listening to lectures. They also pick up foreign languages easier. Think lawyers, philosophers/thinkers, teachers, and writers.

Logical-Mathematical: These students excel when when recognizing patterns, reasoning, make abstract observations, games like sudoku, and usually in math and/or science. Think doctors, mathematicians, and scientists.

Naturalistic: These students excel outdoors and when working with nature. Think farmers, gardeners, conservationists, park rangers, and some scientists.

Intrapersonal: These students excel when working alone, due to being introverts. These students are great at reflection and are usually great at identifying their emotions and feelings. Think theologians and writers.

Visual-Spatial: These students excel when using visuals. Spatial students usually find more success when visually manipulating material (mind maps, lists, word searches) and visually studying the construction of material. Think engineers, architects and artists.

Musical: These students excel when using music to learn. While these students are more talented in identifying sounds, thereby playing instruments better, they are also great listening learners (lectures, speeches, books on tape). These students usually use some kind of rhythm or even song when studying and learning. Think musicians, singers and composers.


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