Pull-up Jumpers

First, an important point: Rucker Park in Harlem (NY) is basketball mecca. This is where the best players in the world go to play ball. Even pros struggle against guys at Rucker. Not Kevin Durant. Lots of NBA guys are playing in Pro-Am leagues, doing exhibition in games in Asia, and showing up at places like Rucker to ball during the NBA lockout. The biggest difference between the NBA and NFL lockout is that NFL guys need to practice with their entire units to improve their team work and rehearse the intricate details of their schemes. Not NBA guys. Ballplayers can improve on their own, doing stuff like this.

When Kevin Durant retires in 15 years, he’ll be known as a better player than LeBron James, Derrick Rose, and almost any other player of this generation. One of the reasons is his ability to hit a pull-up jumper. I’ve posted videos of him before, citing his balance, his lift, and how his form is maintained as it would during a catch-and-shoot shot.

My favorite part of the video? KD gets the court-mob treatment from guys that are used to applauding alley-oops, barely-legal ballhandling tricks, and pick-pocket defense. They’re not treated to this pull-up jumper stuff every day. It’s been a lost art in the NBA for a while now, but guys like KD, DRose, Chris Paul, and Steph Curry have made it big parts of their All-Star and MVP-level games.

Enjoy the video!

h/t to Brian McCormick for a great post which inspired this one!