American States Project

Links for this project: (don’t forget the school login!)

What is this supposed to look like? Here are some examples of what your state could look like. Remember, use color, images, illustrations, words… be CREATIVE!!!

























Checkpoints and Due Dates for this project:

Thursday, September 1 – 10 Facts PER PERSON! (10 points)

Friday, September 2 – Each person must identify 5 t hings they will draw, paste, illustrate, or write in/on their state (10 points)

Tuesday, September 6 – Completed State (by the end of class)! (60 points per above rubric)

Wednesday, September 7 – We’ll present what we learned in an enthusiastic, cheesy 30 second presentation, and also take our REAL State Capital Quiz!

Here’s our Rubric for the Project.

It will come soon; technical difficulties! :(