Basketball Tryouts – Revised

We will hold tryouts for BOTH teams on Monday, 10/24 and Wednesday, 10/26.

Are you waiting for the season, or preparing for it?

12 thoughts on “Basketball Tryouts – Revised

  1. mackenzie wisdom

    heyyy its mackenzie im also in your class right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! madisons making you a letter that says BEST COACH/ TEACHER MR.LITTLE! alright byebye

  2. Allie T

    hey i am in 2nd period right noww and you are going over the 10 facts so i am writing to you ahaha me and madison left a comment so yea byeee

  3. Tiffany Bui

    umm.. before you forget.. i actually remembered to remind you to change the playbook. so that you know, the half court line reads the “bui line” instead of half court line. cause that sounds kinda boring.. oh and hi! kthanks. bye!

  4. Tiffany Bui

    Yeah we do. We play tomorrow at DGN for a 16 team tournament and on tuesday the 6th we play hinsdale south. But i’ll see if i can drop by lakeview for a visit sometime soon

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