Chicago Project – “Rough Drafts”

Each group needs to complete a rough draft by Thursday. In reality, this can (and should) be done even sooner. For each group, this is what I need for a rough draft:

Skyscrapers: A blueprint, with each side/perspective of the building drawn. You need to include the ratio/scale you’ve used to decide on measurements. Be precise, or your building will look terrible. You also need to include a written list of materials you’ll use to build each part of your building.

Scrapbooks: An outline of what your scrapbook will cover. I need “chapters,” or the sections you’ll use, in addition to the facts, names of places/things you’re including in the book. This should make it simple to simply compile your scrapbook. All you need to do is follow the “instructions” you’ve made with your outline.

Newspapers: I need a headline, an outline of your story, and a sentence or two describing what your article will tell the reader. Your article must convey the importance of the news event (otherwise, why would it be on the front page?!).  Use the outline to organize your story so you know what facts you still need to find.


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    Actual: 1,136ft BY 194ft

    Model: 2.75ft BY 6in

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