Chicago Skyscrapers

Today, student groups selected their 3 skyscrapers to build.  Here are their choices:

Students, of course, could have selected other buildings not listed.  Of the 3 listed, students will likely only do 1 or 2 per group.  During this week, the groups will draw blueprints, determine the materials to be used, and what their building will look like.  One group, for instance, has a glorious plan for building Aqua.  Once they’re sure they will be able to build it and acquire the materials (and some adult help) that they need to construct it, they’ll be given the go-ahead to make that their only building.  Spectacular proposals like this are rare, as most students select more modest buildings.  However, we will decide on a group-by-group basis what their goals, designs, and building selections will be.

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