Presentation of Learning

2nd Period:

Geography – Syd, Liz, Ryan and Mike (Poster in Class)

Geography – Kally, Joe, Trent, John (Prezi)

People – Hunter, Matt, Cormac, Aryel  (Poster in Class)

Architecture – Nishant, Pimaa, Jax, Angelica (Prezi)

Immigration – Steven, Anthony, Nick, Kevin (Google Doc)


3rd Period:

People – Joe  J., Leah, Marissa (powerpoint)

Geography – Sean, Natalia, Luke, Kyle (where’s the prezi)

Literacy – Carolyn & Chloe (written samples in class)

Architecture – Emma, John, Maples, Noah & their Presentation (powerpoint)

Architecture – Gabrielle, Jeff, Jasmine, Arabella (prezi and pop-up book in class)

People – Andrew, Smiles, Chris (prezi)

Architecture – Sam, Kayla, Mike S., Ali (prezi)

Immigration – Dana, Ashley, Alexa, Alan (Interview Doc)


4th Period

People – Siymon, Kyle, Eric (powerpoint)

Immigration – Shaliyah, Joey, Kate (Google Doc)

Geography – Alexis, Sid, Fish (Poster in Class)

Architecture – Stephanie, Evan, Cameron, Tyler J. (powerpoint)

People – Sheryl, Jeff, Tyler F., Julia (Prezi)

Geography – Sharron, Morgan, Kristin, Taylor (Poster in Class)


5th Period

Architecture – Nicole, Tina, Danny, Maggie  (presentation)

Geography – Danny, Audrey, Hannah, Austin (presentation)

Immigration – Julie, Mackenzie, Jake, Rachel (Summary of Interview Doc)

People – Jake, Mike, Kevin (presentation in class)

Architecture – Sam, Jason, Erin, Emily (presentation)

Geography – Jill, Bryan, Zack, Connor (presentation)

Literature – Rhiann, Alana, Micah (Samples of Book in class)

Immigration – Deepthi, Max, Peter (Summary of Interview Doc)


7th Period

Literature – Yvonne, Nikitha, Lara (Samples of Text)

Geography – Megan, Lisa, Jasmine (Glogster)

Architecture – Dan, Marissa, Jenna, Kwame (prezi)

Immigration – Julia, Tyler, Claudia, Sam (Summary of Interview Doc)

People – Salvador, Ally, Ali, Larissa (prezi)

Architecture – Andrew, Patrick, Cyrus, Sean (prezi)


8th Period

People – Emily, Sara, Zain, Cassidy (presentation)

Immigration – Anthony, Diana, Brian (presentation and Interview notes)

Architecture – Brad, Rachael, Stephanie (pop-up book in class)

Architecture – Olivia, Georgia, Jack, Sarah and their Presentation (prezi)

Architecture – Will, Ryan OJ, Jakub (presentation)

People – Patrick, Christian, Hannah (presentation)

Geography – Leanna, Tyler, Saima (poster in class)

Literature – Marjorie, Jon, Megan, Jacki (uh, “demonstration” in class)

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