Directions for Wednesday, 5/4

Each group should copy and paste the following into their google document. Put this at the VERY top, so I can see it! Your entire group gets graded on it, so fill it out well.

  1. What did you do today?
  2. What is left to complete before Friday?
  3. How else can you expand your display of knowledge (or actual knowledge!)? What extra can you do? (refer to the questions and ideas below)

Then, follow directions for each group below:

Immigration – What went well yesterday? What different questions would you ask? You should write up a 1-paragraph summary of what you learned from my Grandpa. How would other groups be interested in what he said?

Architecture – Have you covered the INGENUITY part of your research yet? Study the inventions and ideas from our city (try searches on my links and through wikipedia/google on the following: World’s Fair of 1893, Chicago Inventions, Chicago River being reversed with the Ship and Sanitary Canal, The Elevated trains)

People – Have you included the city’s founders? Do you have important people, and not just celebrities? Have you selected important information that other people might actually find interesting?

Reading – Move forward on deciding what you’ll show your classmates on Friday. Remember, you have unique, rich information to share with your classmates. Give them interesting, captivating, colorful images to get a taste of “The Jungle.” Then, get your next chapter off my desk (or go here if you’re too far ahead for my copying, 3rd period!).

Geography – Chicago has a limitless amount of information you can add. If you feel like you’re “done,” you’re not! Add more information about roads, trains, rivers, universities, parks, and neighborhoods. Those seem to be the most commonly overlooked amongst the groups.