Professor Ray Allen Speaks. The Class Should Listen.

You’ve GOT to see this vid of Ray Allen. It’s 90 seconds, but in that time Ray reiterates some of the most simple truisms of shooting:

  • He gets in the gym and DOES WORK, no messing around. All GAME SHOTS.
  • Works on his release, his wrist flick.
  • Shoots with his feet/jumps.
  • Is his own “shot doctor.” Reads his misses and fixes errors.
  • Long misses means he’s aiming.
  • Short misses  mean he’s not jumping enough.
  • Catch the ball ready to shoot.
  • Catch the ball seeing the basket.

He’s one of the best shooters in NBA  history. If you want to be able to shoot, you’ve got to listen to him. Here’s a real simple reminder why, in case you didn’t watch the Celtics/Knicks playoff game today:

And a great photo that John found a couple months ago.