Project Citizen

We’re rolling with Project Citizen tomorrow AM. It’s a great way to help your community, and I can’t wait to see how our students get involved.

See a video of how it works here:

And a general overview here:


4 thoughts on “Project Citizen

  1. Hi Mr. Little. I was looking through the comments on how to make a difference in our communities. I read one that peter fish wrote. He said that by his house there is a park that no one ever uses. Maybe we could get some political people to rebuild things and make a really nice park so that people can work out and have fun there. Just an idea :)

  2. we should make a park for every age and for every type of person in couple of ways are that we should a baseball diamond, a small soccer field,basketball courts and other sport grounds. we should also put up cameras so there aren’t robberies and so the people fell safer

  3. Elizabeth Prazak

    I think that what all of these kids are doing is really great and when they are trying to help kids with down syndrome really touched me!!! I also love the project where they are going to try to help broken monuments and when they are going to try to help people to get clean water. Everyone deserves a nice and healthy place to grow up and live in.

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