A Better Way to Learn

As most of you know, I’m in graduate school. My program (Reading Education/Specialist) is largely directed towards lower-grades teaching. Lit circles, phonics instruction, and kid centers don’t have much of a place in my classroom, but there are some great ideas I can tweak to better teach 7th grade social studies. Combine those ideas with the constant/insane amount of content that’s I read and browse through via the web, journals, texts, etc., and we’re going to have a little fun in April. Mr. Little’s classroom is going to become a “Learning Laboratory,” where we try out different ideas and take another approach to learning. Not that I do things in a very traditional manner, but I think even to my students in my room, this will be a pleasant, engaging, and empowering change of pace.

Monday in class will feature some breakout into groups to do read and share these articles. Students may read them here, too. When done (for homework), students need to leave a comment with the following instruction below:

Write a one paragraph reflection. Using at least 3 ideas we discussed, what how do you think you can learn better at school?

Students should leave ONLY their First name and LAST initial, with their class period (Ex: “Justin B., 9th Period)












92 thoughts on “A Better Way to Learn

  1. Sid Washington

    Hey!! Mr.Tall ur a very kooll preson to hang around wit in class!!! Ily ur class!!! U ROCK WOW!!!!!!$$$$$$$ WAKA FLOCKA FLAME!! AHAHAHAHAHA LOLZ!!

  2. Chris Lippi

    Three things we need to learn better in school are more exciting books to read so we would actually be interested in reading a math book.The second thing we need are more review games so we can have much more fun. The third thing would be way many more videos to watch so we can learn quicker. This is how we will learn easier.

  3. In the article I just read, I learned that many things will be changed from now until 2020. For example, people are thinking of moving the desk formation to a more benificial way. Also teachers are wanting to make Wikipedia a more ‘go to’ site. Lastly, teachers are thinking to use smart phones instead of computers. Oh and one more thing Mr. Little… I’M UNTOUCHABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tyler F

    If we do the Lit. Circles I can do much better. I think we sould stay in the groups bc i can see better and im not as distracted. If we stay like that then I may bet some what a better grade then i have now. If we do more things like we are doing. I think more people will get better grades.

  5. cormac b

    I think if you use more technoligy in school it will help you lesrn. If you just carry around an ipad or kindel you can just download all the books on there and take notes on it to. and you can have fun working on it to. so thats why I think that learning with technoligy is more fun and easy.Then rather just writing in an regular notebook.

  6. Sid Washington AKA MR.TALL SON

    Wazt up Mr.Tall!! OK i learn better by moving around n using my hands to make thiz n jux have fun well as learning

  7. Sean B.

    I think that technology could help people learn. You could use laptops to email in answers to the questions, getting the entire class to participate. Also, you could text into answer pole, to see what percent of the class got it right. Lastly, you could use video games to learn strategies and to enjoy the challenge.

  8. Kyle McMillan 4th period

    I think we should do more projects and activities. Most of us cant learn as much sitting down and taking notes. If we do a project we have to think more. Its also more fun and we can concentrate more. Then, the next day in class, we can present them and learn from eachother.

  9. Samantha B.

    A better way for us to learn can be memory tricks because this could be the easiest for kids to understand. Pass or fail grades instead of letter grades could modivate kids. Last is skits or challenges. :)

  10. John O'Gara

    3 things we could do to learn better in school is: we could computerize everything so kids are more interested and so they don’t zone out. Another thing we could do is have a longer lunch period so we can take a rest and then get ”back in the zone”.The last thing we can do to improve school is to have a nap time so we can take a rest.

  11. Meg W Period 8

    I learn better when I use my hads and when Im not just listening to someone lecture me. I also like funny words/pics to help me remeber things. ex:purple gold fish swim in ports helps me remember that Poland is next to Germany,which is next too France, which is next to Spain, which is next to Portugal. And other stuff like that.

  12. Jax B

    A few things teaches can do to help studentss learn better is to interact with students more, stay on task for the whole class period, as well as using class time affectively. If teachers interact more with the students or get more in-depth and into detail on a certian topic than a student could be more informed and more understanding of the topic. It doesn’t matter if the school has updated laptops or brand new bathrooms, the money the school brings in should be spent on the students so the students can get a better education. Also, it would not be a bad idea for requireing teachers to take a 2-3 hour class at night for about a week in the end of summer. The class would be preparing and up-dating the teachers with new knowledge and curriculum for the school year to come. :)

  13. Ryan f. period 2

    1 thing tht will help us learn better is having teachers like u……Funnn nd dont always talk about school hahha. 2nd reason is like it ssaid in r article tht we read in class today…teachers should tallk to there students on facebook
    3rd reason is we should be able to listen too music in class

  14. Jack V. Period 8

    Students would learn better if there was more technology in the classroom. I think that students better comprehend things when it is shown on something they are familiar with. For example people can remember Facebook statuses for months but forgot who discovered America. Sometimes technology is the answer. Also, when a student is doing projects and working in a group, they learn easier and remember. If they work with other kids, they might be able to answer their questions. Also, many students take pride in projects. They can remember what book they read for a book report in third grade because they took time to work on it. Also, if teachers read less from books and had students work together to learn, they would understand the facts better. When you have to find something yourself, you remember it; but if something is read or given to you, you won’t know how to find it next time. If a teacher just read notes, the students wouldn’t remember it, but if they had students make their own notes for quizzes and tests, they would be more through in their reading and would better remember it for the quiz or test.

  15. Jenna S.

    Technology is a good idea to have in school. This is so, because technology can help me have fun with the lesson and also learn important information. Teachers should use technology because it’s a good way to contact/communicate with their students, in a fun and enjoyable way. Here’s some technology teachers are using in classrooms: LCD projectors, websites(Facebook), using phones to text in answers, and much more. Here are some benefits from the use of this technology in classrooms: Builds on experience, feeds on learning process, teaches problem solving skills, and stuff like that. Now do you see why technology is a good idea to have in school? Good, now goodbye and goodday!!!!! “SMASHING!!!!!!!” :-)

  16. Elizabeth Prazak

    I think kids could learn better with three reasons. My first reason is that I think we should include kindles or ipads because it might keep kids more interested in the lesson then staring down at a boring old text book. Another way that I focused think kids could stay more in tune with the lesson is that we should celebrate learning, so when a class gets a good grade we should celebrate it so that kids will always want to try hard. The last way that I think kids would want to learn better if we used more computers because I use a computer software to practice my trumpet and I can end up practicing for up to an hour, sometimes.

    Elizabeth P.- period 2

  17. Danny S. 5th period

    Have you ever heard of students complain about their teachers not connecting with kids, not knowing how to use technology, and teaching lessons that students don’t understand completly/ Well, I think that if we should use interactive ways to present lessons so that students can have a way to understand the lesson. Also, the teachers should make more ways to interact with the students so that they can be able to have the students learn in their own way. Lastly, the teachers should use ways to help the students learn so that they are not bored in school while a teacher is talking without showing anything. If the teachers use these ways to help us then we can succeed in quizs and tests.

  18. Nicole A. Periodd 5

    Today in class the best three ideas i learned that i think will help students learn better is using facebook as a resource because a lot of people use facebook daily. Students (well me) are more likely to keep logging in and logging out of facebook instead of going to check their backpack/binder. Also i think students would learn better if they had latops/phones that acted like a text book or worksheets, because technology is more fun to use than a text book. The last idea that i thought could be a good way to learn was the pass or fail system because it seems less stressful, you either pass or fail.

  19. Yvonne S. Period 7

    From the articles we read, there are many things being done to try and promote learning. Some, of course, are more effective and attention-grabbing than others. There were 3 that interested me most:
    1. The pass/fail technique–to keep their grades up, students would be studying more and actually trying to learn something, rather than slack off. (You know who you are.) I think it would encourage more kids to try and do better and maybe impress their parents.
    2. Using phones to text in answers–this helps both students and teachers. Students can compare answers, and if they don’t understand something, a lesson can even be re-taught by the teacher. This in turn, helps the teacher, by showing him/her the topics/lessons they need to go over more in depth.
    3. Schools getting iPads and LCD projectors–this is a fun, interactive way to show the lesson to everybody all at once. iPads are something everyone enjoys, so why not use it to enhance
    the learning experience? Everyone can participate, using LCDs like our Mimio program! So far, its been shown to be quite effective, enjoyable, and fun for students and their teachers.

    Every idea in the articles we read talked about different possibilities to try and change the way we learn. They were all unique and do-able, so we should try and take a go at them as have other schools and classrooms!

  20. Rhiann R 5th period

    THere are many things I could do to learn better. First, I could be more interactive and participate more in games. Second, I could talk and communicate like emailing to teachers more when I am confused. Third, I can research things on computere and my phoe to get better results on projects. In conclusion, I can do a few things to improve what I learn.

  21. Gabrielle H. 3rd

    I think that a good way that students can learn better or be more motivated to do better if teachers used the pass fail method as opposed to the A through F method. I think that since there is no in between in this method, students will be motivated to try harder because there are only two options. I think that if teachers used Facebook to post essay topics students might be more involved in it (I mean, who doesn’t love Facebook?) :) I also think that it is a good idea to have more projects than tests and quizzes. I’d say that projects are more challenging that tests since test only have one right answer, but with projects, you might have to express your opinion and explain your reasoning. Plus they’re (usually) more fun! :)

  22. Pimaa M.

    Hi Mr. Little ur the awesomest teacher ever. What we learned today and Monday about the articlees were clever and made sense. Like the facebook one was good cuz it keeps things interesting since facebook is a popular thing. Plus the pass or fail system forces students to do better since they either pass or fail. they dont get a grade in between. Also when u have to do work in a group it forces u to communicate with the other group members to get work done and yeah. Oh and the digital books and stuff r a good thing because learning things from a digital book or watever is way better than learning it from a textbook. Textbooks r boring so yeah. alrightt thts it.

  23. Lisa K.

    Students would learn better if the teachers were more technologically advanced. That would make the students more comforetable in their learning environment. Also, teachers should interact with their students on websites like Facebook because many kids have a Facebook page and use it to sicialize, but if the teacher has some interactive learning tools, they can put the link of it to their statuses on Facebook. More hands-on learning also helps kids learn. Most kids nowadays learn from doing, not reading. A lot of kids don’t pay any attention to what a teacher says if their lecturing you. Students would remember better if they do it because it stays in their mind longer than if your just saying it.

  24. Georgia B.

    Wouldn’t it be way nicer to type your whole paper in the car rather than writing it? Or to just text all of the answers to a test in class? I think it would be a great idea to use technology in class. First of all, I think kids would be way more focused if they got to use something they enjoy using, unless they take advantage of it and text instead. Also, it would make backpacks a lot lighter, and kids won’t have to leave stuff they need in their locker because their backpack weighs too much. Finally, would you rather be reading a whole lesson out of a textbook or off an iPad? I think that in the future, we should really replace some of our materials for technologies that we know how to operate and use. But since we probably can’t buy more than 150 iPads, I think our class should do more projects because they help keep you entertained. But I think using technology in class definately helps you at school.

  25. Rachel B

    I think students would learn better if there was more technology. First of all, if each student had a laptop or an iPad to carry around, the students would like it more than textbooks and notebooks to carry around all day. This would help them learn, because as you know, we don’t like boring textbooks. Also, if we could use cell phones in class to find information on the internet. This would help us learn better because we like to use our cell phones. Lastly, one more way technology would help students learn better is if we could use iPads for our textbooks. It wouldn’t be just easier to carry around, but also more helpful because when students read out of a textbook, most of them don’t understand what they are even reading.

  26. Peter Szpytek

    I learned that we should be using technology to teach children. Jobs are changing very rapidly and they require more use of technology. We should be teaching children how to use computers and such from an early age. The better understanding that the children have of the material and such will/might help them get into better collages and better jobs. Also the replacement of textbooks for fPads (fPads used so I dont have to pay big bucks for the word _Pad)or other bookish things such as the sindle (again). This helps children not have to carry aroun all these heavy textbooks to and from classes and from school. Instead carrying an fPad or sindle. Finally teachers or principals or school board members or WHATEVER are/might be/not trying to change the grading scale for ‘A-F’ to ‘P(ass) F(ail)’. This woul help grading projects because if you have a four member group like Patrick Mitchel, Bradly Miscus, Tyler Agulera, and myself (yeah that’ll happen) and Mr. Miscus does not meet expectations, and every one else does thier job perfectly you would still receive a passing grade. The End. Special thanks to Patrick Mitchel, Bradly Miscus, and Tyler Aguilera for not even knowing that thier names would ever come up in this paperish thing.

  27. Emily B. 8th period

    I think one thing that could help us learn is using ipads as a way to deliver information to the students. Using an ipad to teach would keep students interested in what they are learning because they are using something that excites the students. Plus using these would get rid of the need for books. Another thing we can use to learn better at school is having the students make and take their own notes this would require the students the pay attention during class. Taking their own notes would help the students retain more of the info instead of just copying off a board. And finally I think we should do more hands-on activities to help make learning more fun and to get the students more involved.

  28. Julie D. Period 5

    I think a way to make us learn better is to use more technology like what we discussed in class. People now are more familiar with laptops and computers so it might help us learn better and understand things better. Another thing we could do is to make learning fun. Reading out of a textbook is just boring! When teachers teach they should connect what we learn with our everyday lives to make it more interesting. Also, when you read out of a textbook what do you remember? Nothing! When I read a paragraph out of a textbook I don’t even understand what I have read because it is so boring. If we read interesting things we will understand everything better. That’s what matters! We come to school to learn not to read paragraphs, go home, and forget about it! We need what we learn to stay in out heads. We also need to do fun things in class besides listening to a teacher because honestly, we are not listening 100% of the time. If we did skits or fun activities we would have fun and still learn. I also think that projects would be a more efficient way to show what you have learned. Tests and quizzes do test what we have learned but sometimes people can get super nervous about them and don’t take time to think on a question and they just guess. Projects can still be graded and be an easier way to show our knowledge. :)

  29. Luke K

    students will learn better if there are more hands on projects and field trips.another one is class activities that are fun and exciting are a good way to learn. when we are just reading in class i find it hard to pay attention but if we have reading plus activity i can look forward too it. i think working on the internet for projects is good for kids,as we love to use the internet.

  30. Lara P. 7th Period

    How to help students learn better is one of the questions vexing many teachers today. The traditional lecture method is one way, but doesn’t reach out to all students, so perhaps a different approach, instead of constant tutoring, is what students need. Having an in-depth discussion about the topic may help some students learn, since it presents learning in a different format. For example, instead of mindlessly memorizing facts about George Washington, you remember something Mr. Little said in the discussion about him and it helps you remember it better. Also, incorporating technology in learning can help students, because to them commenting on a blog or texting an answer doesn’t seem like learning, so they do it more willingly. Another way to approach it is projects. Not projects like, “I just built a pyramid… I’m an expert on Egypt now”, but something that can educate everyone in their own way. Maybe give students a choice between making a movie on movie maker, creating an educational short play, or, for us word smart folks, read a novel about the topic and answer some questions. Hopefully in the future, all schools will be able to teach in some of these ways, to give every student the education they deserve.
    P.S.- Did you like the vocab word, vexing?) :)

  31. Alana C Period 5

    I think that a better way for students to learn is to stop trying to make up “fun” things that could help them learn instead of asking them directly. Forcing everyone to do projects that take up a lot of time and energy, but don’t help us learn, is something that teachers do often to try to make the subject interesting. The problem with this, though, is that a lot of the time, it’s something that’s only a little bit relevant to what they were actually trying to teach, or they make you do many unnecessary things. Grading you on whether or not your hand-drawn pictures were colored, or if you had this many sentences, or how nice your project looked is how they supposedly know that you put in a bit of effort. If you covered a book report in glitter glue and crayon illustrations, would it show the teacher that you know what the book was about or even read the book in the first place? Would this show your comprehension of the material given to you? Yes, these projects are supposed to be fun, and being creative once in a while is fine too, but when you end up getting a low grade on an assignment because you didn’t color it… that’s something else. Another problem with our education is that when teachers find out new information and different ways to present things to students. After kids started finding out about the “Sound Smart, Nature Smart, etc.” types, many of the teachers tried to incorporate every single one of these into our learning, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. So essentially, rather than doing something that was a bit more personal, students are being thrown in together with a bunch of other individuals that will, no doubt, have a different way of learning and understanding things then they do. Not to mention you end up wasting a lot of your time on stuff that doesn’t even really apply to you in the first place, which isn’t too great. A lot of teachers might not be used to dealing with students individually, instead of as a whole. They don’t get that it’s difficult to do both of these during the 40 minutes or less that we’re in class. They seem to try to fit as much as they can into one class period, even when your class doesn’t finish what you were supposed to go over in the first place. Then the students all get homework over things that they still don’t know, and completing these assignments won’t do much other than wasting more of their time. Nevertheless, if all else fails, the students can cover it with some stickers and glitter glue, because that will definitely show the teacher that they can comprehend what they’re supposed to be learning.

  32. Katie S.

    I think students will learn better would learn better if we didn’t have to just sit in a classroom and listen to the teacher talk about the information. We should do more with technology or projects instead of tests and quizzes. If we did things on computers that can relate to what we like I think it would stick in our brain more than if we just read it in a textbook. Also, if we do more projects instead of tests and quizzes I think it would show better or worse if we really know what we learned. With projects you come up with unique ideas and historical facts and we have something we put it on like for example a poster and we share it with the class. It helps us interact with others and it helps us explore easily with information, unlike tests or quizs where you have to remember certain facts or dates. Lastly I think if we had videos to watch that is entertaining and fun relating to the subject you are learning I think kids would remember information. When I went to St. Louis over break my family and I went to the Arch and we saw a Discovery Channel movie about Lewis and Clark’s journey and I was so surprised how much I learned from the video then what I learned from the textbook we had years ago. I think having technology in a classroom is conviente for kids, but conviente for teachers also. If we had technology in our classrooms I think we get better grades and it would help us learn better than textbooks.

  33. Nikitha G. 7th Period

    There are many effective ways to teach students so they can learn better. Letting students work on projects might help them learn better than listening to a teacher talk in a classroom, as some aren’t good test takers and don’t pay attention in class, and a project might be a more fun way to show what they learned. Also, using a social media, such as facebook or twitter, to teach or show students new ideas might be better than the usual classroom work because many students spent a lot of time on them. In addition to that, using references from movies or shows that students have seen might make classroom discussions more fun and help students remember what they learned better. For example, Mr. Little used “The Simpsons” to show us what would happen in a “state of nature.” All in all, there are a few different ways to teach students to help them learn better.

  34. I think that kids could learn better by using computers and laptops. A lot of kids spend their time on the computer for entertainment. Therefore, if you use computers for learning kids will be more interested in the lesson then they usually are. Another thing is that you can have class discussions on the topic. It helps kids to see what other kids thought about the topic. Lastly, you can have class games. It makes it fun while having people know the material.

  35. zack j

    There are many ways to learn but i think a few are the best. First we should be able to do more stuff with your hands like in science. seconed we should use more technology. Third we should have more groups ,your class does it but most others need more groups. you just learned my feelings on how i can learn better………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  36. Joseph Shen

    The way of learing that i read about is how video games can be good for you. Video games are like school because the final level of a game is like the test at the end of a unit. A kid can be good if s/he is motivated or have experience. video games has those things. When a kids sees school as a video game then it can help them.

  37. Megan S.

    There are numerous ways to enhance learning in the classroom. Students can use technology that is familiar to them such as texting on cell phones to participate in classroom activites. They can use Facebook to teach lessons because many people use Facebook and they would be more motivated to do well. Another thing that can heighten learning is to make curriculum more project-based instead of focusing on lectures since many students learn better with hands-on projects. These are just a few of the ways that teachers can elevate the process of the students understanding of concepts.

  38. there are many affective ways to learn. one way is to watch videos on the tv. the videos are fun to watch and you can still learn alot from them. Also, Facebook is a great way to interact with the students because you can post things on ur profile and it can be studied by the students. Lastly, I think that lectures are not good learning tools because most kids will just zone out after a while and not get enough information as they need.

  39. Pimaa M.

    Pimaa M. :Hi Mr. Little ur the awesomest teacher ever. What we learned today and Monday about the articlees were clever and made sense. Like the facebook one was good cuz it keeps things interesting since facebook is a popular thing. Plus the pass or fail system forces students to do better since they either pass or fail. they dont get a grade in between. Also when u have to do work in a group it forces u to communicate with the other group members to get work done and yeah. Oh and the digital books and stuff r a good thing because learning things from a digital book or watever is way better than learning it from a textbook. Textbooks r boring so yeah. alrightt thts it.

    period 2

  40. Cassidy D. 8th period.

    I think a better way for us to learn is like how in the beginning of the year how we got into groups & we learned in ways that we’re good at learning by. Like if listening to music helps, or being in the quiet, or just using things to help you memorize things. Also, like how we talked today about the technology, I think that would be a great way to learn in school. First, kids would actually be excited to use the technology/computers. Second, we wouldn’t really be lazy about doing our homework. & third, we’d be excited about class.

  41. Larissa G.

    There are so many ways that students can learn.First, students can learn through projects, instead of the teacher talking in front of the class the whole preiod.Secondly, students can use technology like texting answeres to the teacher and discussing it as a class.Lastly students can use the internet like youtube to do some reseach. For example,when we were doing the Constitution, Mr.Little showed the class the “Preamble” video that included the 6 goals of the preamble. Two of the three things that we had to know about the Constitution were, The Articles of the Constitution and the Principals of the USC. He also showed us “How A Bill Becomes A Law” and the different stages that the “Law” has to go through before it becomes a bill.By making class more entertaining, students will learn more instead of zoning out in the middle of class.

  42. Andrew K. 7th

    I can think many ways to help students learn better. 1 way is that technology could be incorporated more like using cellphones to text in answers. Another way is to involve sports with learning. For example when i was younger and my dad would quiz me on stuff, i would take a little soccer ball and throw it at a wall while studying, and i usually got an A on the test. Finally, you could use video games to help. Whenever i need to study i sometimes play video games while studying and for some reason i get A’s. Those are just a few of the ways i think that kids can learn better at school.

  43. Jonathan A. Period 8

    To help students learn is a problem that has faced many people including teachers and professors in which only solutions benefiting the students change as the many years go by. Using our new resources of technology could help benefit all of us in many ways helping us communicate easier for example schools that have tried using technology like blogs have improved by seeing more progress in their entire work. This explains how using technology helps with helping students gain more knowledge in the world around them and their school work which would gain more attention to the work through the temptations of new technology like Ipads and app textbooks. Because of this new technology, students will also gain larger attention spans because they will give students a feeling to pay more attention to the technology that excites students more than normal school. Another part of Ipads and blogs that will help children learn will be the part of progress being shown to teachers and helping more students pass through new challenges that can be broken easier through technology. In conclusion, technology in school can help students become efficient,productive learners in all their new learning experiences.

  44. Jilly!:)

    Hey Mr. Little, so a better way i think kids should learn is teachers should interact more with the students by having you know twitter n all that cool stuff.
    i also think using tech. will help because thats what most kids do in the free time facebook, myspace, formspring, twitter, etc. Kids get bored reading a text book all the time n listening to a teacher talk, and talk, and talk during class. Plus we u read a text book kids zone out n there minds go off to places like “whens lunch!” “what am i doing after school today?” stuff like that. But if we used computers, ipads, cell phones, ect. students will be alot more engaged in to class discussions. In conclusion i think us technology would be a great way to help kids learn better!!! (p.s this is my favorite homework assignment ever!) :D

  45. Theirs many way to teach students in the 7th grade.I think that we should use more technology,and projects instead of text books and listening to the teacher all day. I think that we should do more projects instead of worksheets and reading of the text book. Plus projects are more fun instead of some boring paper. Plus students learn more from all the research and fun things like that. Also we should use more technolygy or takeing test on the computer. Its more fun and students will look forward towards it. Students will study more by knowing its going to be on the computer. Also we should use computers to learn and watch videos or something like that. Its more fun then listening to some boring teacher all peroid long for 45 minutes

  46. Kristen B

    There are many things thst schools and teachers could do to help us learn better. I think that letting students use more techlogy would be a great things because it’s something that alot of kids enjoy using and it would make learning more fun. ALso i think that doing more group projects would help us learn better becasue it’s more fun than listening to a teacher just talk. It would also help kids learn better if we did a different thing each day instead of always walking into a classroom and reading from a text book and taking notes.

  47. Marisa C

    Do you know how to help students learn better? well this is what i think. First Teachers can use technology in class to help students learn in a more fun way. Using technology instead of textbooks will be more fun and less boring. Therefore students will pay attention more and understand the lesson better. This will result in the student not only learning better but also getting better grades. Also, Students should be able to communicate with their teachers online.(like this assignment for example)If students have a question about homework or need help on studying for a quiz or test they can easily contact their teacher immediately. Students will be able to understand and learn more than what they learned in class, and be more prepared for tests and quizzes. Lastly, Students should play problem solving video games. Many video games have problems you have to solve or ways to get through levels by using thinking strategies. These strategies can be used in school to help students succeed. As you can see there are many things teachers and students can do to help kids do better in school. :)

  48. Andrew P p 3

    Teachers can change their classroom to hepl students learn better in many ways. First the teachers can do funner things in class such as mimio projects games etc. Kids tend to pay attention more when they are doing something enjoyable. Next teachers should stop showing those 1950 videos on whatever their learning. When teachers show those videos it is just a perfect time for kids to lay their heads down on their desk and sleep…..so theyre not learning. Last teachers should make funner homework assignments such as this one that uses modern day technology rather than pencil and paper. I think that this will motivate kids to actually do their homework.

  49. Maximilian Magnino: Your favorite, most mature peiod

    Papa Little, today in class i learned that when using and innovating technology in the classroom we can learn to our fullest potential. By eliminating useless things like paper and desks and standardized tests, we can embrace more eco-friendly tech, work in more organic natural environments, and show how much we are worth by showcasing our whole careers not one hour of a test.By using more new technologies like android cell phones, tablets, and notebook computers we can interact more directly and learn a lot more in shorter time spans. Lastly, it makes education actually bearable. We would get to use our cell phones and computers, so we kind of get a home court advantage. I think i kinda won Dad, you should give me and Sid that Student of the Year Award

  50. William H. Per, 8

    For students to learn better in school I think posters should be used. First of all, posters make you practice working together with one another. They force you to take the views and opinions of others and put them in the poster. Also, you use your artistic side. Usually when you put your research on there you also put a picture on too which requires you to draw. Lastly, posters teach you how to work hard. When you work on a poster it is usually worth a lot of points so you work your hardest on getting the most accurate facts and the best possible drawings. Now you see why I think that posters are perfect for learning and should be used more often.

  51. Anthony M

    I think using more technology in the classroom would help me learn. One way would be if we were allowed to us smart phones. This would keep me interested because it would not seem like school work. I would also like to use I-Pad’s in the classroom. It would help us get information faster and make it more fun. Lastly I would like to use Facebook more. It would help with sharing idea’s with others and communicating.

  52. Julia P. 7th

    The vast majority of kids today go to school, but are they actually learning. I’m here to tell you about three new teaching methods that will help students really and truly learn. first of all, students can do long term projects instead of daily busywork. This will give them a deeper knowledge of a topic. Also, teachers can involve technology in classes to help students become more engaged, seeing as it’s such a big part of the kids’ lives anyway. Teachers can have kids text in answers, or even use mimio or smartboards to create interactive lessons. Another new method is student-to-student teaching, where kids do research and tell eachother the new information. Kids who would rather listen to their friends than teachers will find this method a lot more fun. Now with these new method kids will go to school and learn instead of gaining nothing from the education they are so very fortunate to have.

  53. Hi Mr. Little(:
    First,learning with i-pads would be so beneficial and would interest kids more in school; for example having dictionary maps or having your textbooks on the i-pad so kids don’t have to lug around heavy textbooks.
    Second,instead of kids taking notes teachers can do mimio presentations and print out the pages while making it fun for the kids, so then kids can actively participate with the activities on the mimio.
    Lastly,I know that doing projects& researching for the projects helps me learn better than just taking notes. If teachers
    lets students do more projects it would help us learn better.

  54. Andrew P p 3

    William H. Per, 8 :
    For students to learn better in school I think posters should be used. First of all, posters make you practice working together with one another. They force you to take the views and opinions of others and put them in the poster. Also, you use your artistic side. Usually when you put your research on there you also put a picture on too which requires you to draw. Lastly, posters teach you how to work hard. When you work on a poster it is usually worth a lot of points so you work your hardest on getting the most accurate facts and the best possible drawings. Now you see why I think that posters are perfect for learning and should be used more often.

    wow william wow

  55. Arabella z

    I think the best 3 ideas that really helped kids learn was one, that teachers are using technology like the ipads and the laptops. i think this could help us learn because it keeps students interested and is easier to understand. the technology is something kids in our generation are used to and comfortable with which means we’re more likely to do better in school. the other idea that helps kids learn is the one with the video games. the fun challenges and for me (and probably all girls in general) the cute graphics and characters keep us captivated and interested in what we’re doing. if there’s something in school or a homework assignment that i can’t understand or figure out, i’m more likely to just give up and just say screw it rather then if it were a video game like fruit ninja or angry birds where i would probably become MORE addicted to the game instead of giving up. and this wasn’t an idea we discussed but i think one way students can learn better are discussions in class rater than worksheets. i think this helps because when you discuss the lesson, students can get a better understanding of the lesson or problem. i think this is better because anyone can take something off a worksheet and memorize the answer and just use what you memorize to pass a test or quiz, but do you really know what you just learned? you might because you just memorized the answer but you may not know what the answer even means. you can’t really learn anything without your own basic understanding of what it means. soo… thats pretty much it… so yea.

  56. Diana C.

    I think that using technology would be a good way to teach. Most kids like to use technology in their free time. I’ve seen how kids like to use the ELMO! I think that if you let us use our cell phones or facebook pages we will stay more engaged. I think that maybe if you let us use technology more for class and during class, grades will improve for the better! Most kids allready use technology anyways! If someone forgets to take notes during class or wants to look back at the notes from class they can look on the blog. Also, my cusin who goes to collage says some of the kids in his class take a picture of the notes on their fones! I think that if you wrote more about what we talked about in class on the board or on your blog, more kids would be able to take pictures of them and more kids would be able to get better grades! So, all in all technology is an AMAZING way to learn!

  57. Ali b p 3

    i think an effective way to teach students is to involve mimio games in which u call a student to answer a question instead of the traditional ask questions and sit at your desk routines. i think this because most kids like me tend to space off during class sometimees but if the teachers did somthings that kids would want to do, their would be more kids wanting to participate and less kids spacing out with all the noise.
    also maybe the teachers could throw in a 5 min talk time while the teacher sets up for the lesson and stuff. and if the mimio presentations would cut time into a teachers work load then make a handful of students in the class each time or so each week so they could get some points or extra creidit

  58. JACKi

    In order to increase the amount of knowledge us children learn on a daily basis, I believe that schools should use things that we teens use regularly. Such as Facebook, Phones, and more of the arts! Facebook can be used when children have questions that others may be able to answer instead of the teacher (and the teacher can see if some people are paying attention and using info they know.) Phones are carried around by most of the kids in our school (you know who you are….) so why not let they use it? Teachers can let students…umm… save notes onto their phones! that way we can save paper (yay!) and the notes will always be in our pockets. Lastly, lots of kids are involved in the arts (dance, music, theater, etc.) so it would let us enjoy the assignment and it lets us change our routine of always just sitting in a desk except for P.E. Maybe if schools had fully listened to kids we may just start use some of these methods. END.

  59. Emily Q p.5

    I believe there are many ways in which education should apply more to what kids want to learn. One of these examples is technology. Technology is something used more than ever and I think it’s time we took advantage of what we have. My first reason for education being taught in “technology” is because students have a connection with technology, like cellphones or computers. Instead of being bored and zoning out, and then after class freaking out because she/he didn’t listen, they would be more into discussion because they would have hands-on about what they are being taught. Another reason technolgy is a great education tool is because students can learn a ton in class and then have more education in technology, so now they have more backround on what websites work if they are stuck on something or if they just want to review and play a game. My last reason is that everyone hates having to haul around big textbooks and binders crammed with junk, but with laptops or ipads students can carry everything into one computer and have ALL of their stuff on it, instead of having five billion notebooks. No you can understand why i think that technology should be used more at our school!

  60. marissa

    I think that students should not only be placed in classes by how smart they are but also by how they learn. For example if a student learns by reading does a lesson using all pictures really help them? An other question people ask is why do kids hate school so much, maybe it is because we are sick of getting drilled with work sheet after work sheet. some teachers will mix it up with a interactive smart board lesson. But is it enough to keep us awake i think no. Finally,people are starting to think text books should be replaced with e books. more computers should be placed in every room so more then 5 students can be on at once. or bringing in i pads. these are all things that come in play when thinking about ways to improve how and how throughly students learn

  61. Michael T P?

    “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob the children of tomorrow”
    ~John Dewey

    There are many ways how we can adjust our curriculum and learning skills. First of all kids these days don’t just pick up information from plain old notebooks (not a laptop) and a textbook. We need more interactive ways to learn, like the use of technology. We can install a holder for Ipads into our desks and the desk charges and updates our Ipads like Itunes. Maybe even if everyone loses the ability to talk we can use Android Phones or even the Ipad hence it is the Ipad 5 to text your teacher what an answer to a question is. But that’s along way away. Since we have all of these technological items schools wouldn’t have to use textbooks and paper which makes it eco-friendly. We could also use educational video games for class. Games challenge us to push for a better goal. Another reason why we need to have new skills for learning is kids need more group projects. This helps us get engaged and more focused in to what we are doing. Group projects are also a way to interact with friends who might be your future co-workers. In conclusion, it is a harm to all to teach the same way we’ve been teaching for generations. We have to find a new way that works with the students who make the future a good place or a bad one.

  62. Cameron H

    You the school can use video games to help us. Maybe if the school could buy or make a special video game program students would want to learn. Also replacing old things like desks will keep student minds off of the germs from 20 year old desks.Technology is what inspires kids. Incorporating tech. into the educational system is an important part of education to help student prepare for future tech. they may have to work with later on in their lives for buissness and such. The school sould use some of the tools we have today to better the way of learning in our natural scool environment.

  63. Aryel K

    I learned that if teachers use blogs, connect with facebook, and emails can help because i can ask my teachers questions if i need help or dont understand something.

  64. Michael Skolodowski

    some ways we can learn is to use technology we all ready use laptops but we chould use our phones. another way is to watch videos and dicuss with the class. also playing games about the topic could work.

  65. Claudia F Period 7

    Different ways of teaching kids can help them learn better. One way other ways can help kids learn better is by possibly texting in answers instead of writing them. Another way is using video games for numerous things, like problem solving. One final way is using facebook to teach kids. Those are some other different ways to teach kids.

  66. Deepthi G

    I think this can help students learn by using more technology.The reason i think this is because now in most jobs we use computers or our phones to get notified about what to do for your job! For example my aunt is an accountant she uses a computer all the time to track what she will do or might do in the day!So when we use technology that need to know for our future jobs!

  67. Sara F

    Do you know how students can learn better? One way is to use technology in class such as cell phones and ipads. This way kids would feel more comfortable and have more fun in class. Another way is its good if kids play video games at home becuase it helps them learn strategy and challenges. This way kids will have critical thinking while playing these games. Lastly, using facebook can help kids learn better and help other students online. This way students can be at home, but still be learning about what happended in class. These are just a few ways how students can learn better in school.

  68. Sharon T

    I think that technology could help us learn. You could use laptops to email answers to the questions, getting the entire class to participate. Also, you could text to answer, to see what percent of the class got it right

  69. Sharon T

    I think that technology could help us learn. You could use laptops to email answers to the questions, getting the entire class to participate.this could be a good way to learn and teach.

  70. Nishant Lala

    Video games can help kids do better in school. to beat a video game you need to understand instructions and controlls. That cover directions and how good you listen to them. if kids compare this to school they could improve or fix their learning ability. so from all this we can conclude that if we compare this to school,work, or life we can succeed.

  71. Natalia P

    I think that we should get worksheets that can help us memorize the info. When we take tests it is mostly all memorization so if we start with memorizing the stuff earlier the test will come more easily. I also think that taking quizzes like we did for the constitution like every other week. I think it helped us learn and understand the maerials better and making the final tes/project easier in the end. Lastly I think that it would be easier to learn if we got notes and things like that to help us study and understand.

  72. Matthew Smiles

    Yes! I beat another level. Lets play more. Kids like playing VIDEO GAMES. If kids used video games to help them learn it would really help. The kids of the 21 century love video games, if the game can be fun and educational all kids will learn a lot more than before.

  73. Squidney

    There are many things that teachers could do to help us learn better. I think that having technology in the school with be a good and fun thing for the kids. ALso i think that doing more group projects would help us learn better becasue it’s more fun than listening to a teacher just talk.

  74. i think a more effective way for kids to learn is by making more power points and reviews. just using technoligy to our advantage in general. using interactive mimios is a really entertaining way to learn and it gets kids to pay attention.

  75. Sean Ryan

    There are many ways that learning can be enhanced in schools and school-like settings. One way is using humor and relating to what students like, go to and talk about. Another is using rewards to motivate students to do better. Although my favorite is getting rid of the traditional ABC grading system and replacing it with a simple Pass, Fail method. That way students cannot settle for average and must use all of their capability.

  76. I think that a much more relaxed environment would help most students both learn and remember things necessary to their improvement. Kids feel relaxed on facebook and around friends. If teachers try to take advantage of this instead of pack children into rooms full of other kids sitting in equal numbers of rows, they might notice much more improvement than they do now. Since students must just sit and work and write, instead of laying back and typing (or writing, whatever their preference,) they might feel tense and stressed.

  77. Saima K.

    One of the ideas that we discussed was that technology helps students learn better. In my opinion, this is not that true. Technology may improve the students’ understanding, but the cause many problems as well. First of all, the school cannot be positive that the students will be safe on the object. Already, the students in our school have done many things, whether they be off topic from, or inappropriate to the subject. With personal i Pads or laptops, students may think that they have total freedom to do what they want to do, risking their safety.Secondly, the students who get used to the technology will do better, but the students who do not like or are not used to the technology will go behind. True, that they could learn but, if not comfortable, they could fall behind for the first trimester or so. Also, some people will argue that books or textbooks may not be as ‘good’ but many people take the time and effort to make these books. when every textbook is replaced with technology, the company and stores will go out of business, NOT improving the economy or the families of those who work there. Lastly, after we all start to do things with objects that will do them for us, then we as humans will become lazy, which will only increase the amount of obese people in our country, which will lead to early death from heart attack and other diseases. We will also forget our knowledge of how to do things, like writing, organizing and remember, because the technology will do this for us. Most importantly(to some people) we will forget how to love learning, writing, reading and more!
    So I say that we should stay almost the same as we are today, including both, the technology and the human movement necessary to survive.

  78. Jakub K.

    I liked the stacked cars and the differnt sculptures. American music festifal.

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  79. Jakub K.

    I liked the stacked cars and the differnt sculptures. American music festifal.Cigerate smoking monkey

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  80. Nick K Per 2

    Mr Little
    Okay well first we could like use technology. WE could use like iPads and text the answers so we don’t need all those books. Also we could work in more groups and stuff so we could compare our ideas with others. Finally we could do some more active stuff so we don’t fall asleep in class and keep our brains active.

  81. Sean Ryan

    I just realized I left my comment on different teaching strategies in the wrong section. Do you want me bring it over?

  82. Kwame O

    yoooooooooooo!!! 7th period!!!

    ok i think a better way to learn is to put more educational situations in video games but not make it to obvious, because kids LOVE video games with a burning passion, and if kids play more educational games but not know it, then we can learn while still having fun!

  83. Jake *Nikolai* Greve

    i think a great way for kids to learn better is to get into groups (like in the beginning of the year) based on how we learn. another way, is to incorporate more school work into computers, i think this will help kids because kids love to use computers and using something fun to create a project will most likely lead to a good grade.

  84. Christian square

    One way to learn better is by technology,of course! ipads for example will encourage students to want to learn and have no problem doing homework not only this will encourage them to have a possative attitude but it will also inprove their behavior in class ipads to me is a treat and if kids behavior is not in line,this treat will be taken away from them.

  85. erin m

    one way that i think students could learn better is to use technology like for example a laptop. i no that i would certainly rather carry around a thin lap top then all my books! i think students would be encouraged to do homework and class work on laptops for many reasons. Also it would give students some responsibility because if we would have to take good care of the laptops and maybe if we didnt or some one was failing a class, then the privilege would be taken away. At my friends school in western springs, they use lap tops. each student gets there own lap top to take quizes/tests on as well as class work and school work. Also at her school each student has a school email so the teachers can contact them easily. She defiantly likes carrying around only a laptop better then all her books. all in all i think it would b a good experience to work with the computers and i think it would pay off.

  86. ryan ojay

    I think we could learn better by makeing everything done by using technoloagy to do homework and stuff. We could also use ipods or ipads to use the apps to replace text books. One other thing we could do is be able to use our phones in class to text the teacher the answer.

  87. Alan Z.

    I think one way to improve learning is to take the student’s point of view. It would be a lot easier to learn something if your were interested in it. It would actually be fun. It would also be easier to teach. Students would probably listen more and pay attention.

  88. hannah s.

    hey Mr. little sorry for the wait. So anyway i think that technology is a great way to learn. My mom is always telling me to stop watching tv and do my homework or stop texting and study for a test. I think that bringing technology into our work and studies is a great idea because you can learn/study, and use technology at the same time. i can’t wait for the future.

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