Group Directions for Monday 5/2

Time to get back on track!

Immigration – have your questions ready, name of interviewee, and prepare a list of “rules.” You think make you a good interviewer.

ALL OTHER GROUPS: know HOW you will show this learning. Go over your Google Doc, and begin whatever it is that your group is doing to exhibit the learning that took place during this unit.

I also recommend exploring your info deeper. How many neighborhoods do you have? Where do streets get their names? Who was the first Mayor in Chicago? Or the best Mayor? What are the biggest ethnic group/races in Chicago. Be EXPERTS on your topic!

Here are your Google Docs:

And your resources:


Power of Words

Really clever video. Have to see it through to get the message.

WOWing the Students!

As educators, we are constantly pushing our students to explore new interests, to be creative, to challenge themselves, and to be passionate about something. Unfortunately, we often run out of time with so much being jammed into our school year. (It gets worse every year, with the increased amount of testing and subsequent testing  prep, too!) So, we’ve decided to try something different. Modeling this after a genius idea @ Lincoln Jr. High in Naperville, and under the passionate leadership of Mrs. Foellmer, we’re bringing WOW day to Lakeview Junior High on Friday, June 3rd.

Students can literally do anything that widens their world. They should innovate, be creative, and explore a new thing they haven’t done before. Perhaps they’ve wanted to learn to play piano. Or learn karate. Or write a poem/short story. With the supervision, help, and guidance of the staff, students will have from 8:00 – 12:00 on 6/3 to explore their world. We’ll do a little presentation and reflection, and celebrate with a dance at the end of the day.

Lots more to come about this as we prepare in the next week. Students received this info yesterday, and should be prepping their ideas this week. This sheet is due next Thursday, May 6th.

Possibilities of Creativity

Back in ’04-’05, I taught in Durham, North Carolina at a school called Durham School of the Arts. I love that school. The building was old, tons of great history embedded everywhere, and a curriculum fully supportive of the arts. As a magnet school, we drew kids from the city and more rural “county,” leaving us with a culturally diverse community of learners.

We implemented PBS that year (now called PBIS @ Lakeview), and my reward for students was a “Knight Time” certificate, granting them permission to draw on the walls. It was a great way to recognize their personal and academic improvement, and the students loved to leave something creative and personal behind. These students were 6th graders, and brought some cool ideas. I’d love to be able to re-visit this idea sometime @ LV!

More Chicago Links!

Use these to find more, specific facts about Chicago:

Directions for Tuesday, 4/19

Please be sure you follow in-class instructions from yesterday, and continue listing as many facts as possible for your lists. Also, begin to narrow your lists down. You may not want 25 people or buildings on the poster you’d like to make.

Also, I need to meet with all Immigration and Culture groups today. Be proactive and see me if I haven’t seen you!