Studying for the Constitution Test

While many students are studying for this diligently, I fear a great number of others are not. We’ve taken two practice tests the last 2 days, and half the 7th grade cannot tell me how many Representatives are in the House of Representatives. This is not a critical thinking question, but a simple rote memory task that indicates many students have simply not studied. We have made note cards, have created a 75-question study guide, students have old quizzes and study guides, we have review worksheets, and have even begun a cartoon to literally illustrate what each section we have studies covers.  These all have the explicit answers that make up the entirety of the Constitution Test.
Basically, make sure your children are studying tonight and tomorrow night. Many students have brazenly admitted to not studying, and some of them don’t seem to understand the urgency (or reality, even) that this test is happening in 48 hours. If you don’t see them studying, please make them. Quiz them with their notecards. Use their Study Guide to quiz them. Make them take the Practice Tests again (answers to be posted soon).
And above all, if you have questions, e-mail me. While I’m unavailable tonight due to class, I can answer questions later in the evening, as well as tomorrow. I’m here to help the students long after the bell rings!

10 thoughts on “Studying for the Constitution Test

  1. Elizabeth Prazak

    Mr. Little,
    I am reviewing my study guide and I have a question on it… or just in general. What is a pro tempore? Did I even spell that right? I don’t know. It says … “The senate choses the president pro tempore.” And I’m like wahhhhht? If your wondering yes my teeth are gone and the pain or soarness should be kicking in anytime soon so ya!
    Liz… who shall be in pain soon!!!

  2. president pro tempore… elected by the senate. ppt leads in the absence of the vp (who leads the senate, of course!). Usually the oldest/longest serving.

  3. Georgia

    Hey Mr. Little. I was wondering if you could explain the supremacy clause a little clearer for me. Thanks.

  4. Sure!

    Let’s say that the state of IL passes a law making it legal for any 12 year old to drive. However the FEDERAL/US government already had a law saying that no person under 16 could drive. Therefore, the US would invoke the Supremacy Clause, forcing IL to raise their driving age to 16 (because THEIR law is supreme!).

    Make sense?

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