Extra Credit Opportunity

Do it by THURSDAY, March 24 (Constitution Test Day!)… I need 50 facts in either a:

Poppit presentation

or a

Prezi presentation

Here’s an example of Hunter H.’s poppit.

When you’re done, e-mail it to me, or leave it as a COMMENT on this post. I’ll move all of them to a post from which our classmates can use to study from!

35 thoughts on “Extra Credit Opportunity

  1. Sean Ryan

    Hey I am working on my popplet but it is incredibly frustrating. It won’t allow me to delete a created popplet and it won’t let me re-edit a box or delete a box. Gonna keep working on it though

  2. I like it a lot… seems pretty simple, but a few kids have had trouble with it. I’ll let my kids work it out and get back to you in a week about it. Should be pretty good. Looks GREAT!

  3. Jax

    Hey mr. Little. I was trying to open a popplet account to do the ec but it wouldn’t let me. How can i do the ec if it doesn’t work on my machine.

  4. Kyle Brindac

    Hey Mr Little, do we really have to do 50 facts? Or could we just do maybe 25 and get half credit.

  5. hey srry i never did come in for the study guides would it be okayy if i came in tomorrow morning to get them……. o and thank you for getting them if you did but if u didnt, dont sweat it ill just find a different way to study (like on ur beastly bog)

  6. Mike T

    Mr. Little I have another question… Do we answer the question also for the e.c. I think you already told us this but I want to make sure. Thank you…..



  7. Jax

    mr little what was the state u said was in the middle of becoming apart of america i think it was spain or puerto rico

  8. Puerto Rico isn’t quite “in the middle,” but it’s potentially one. Has a long way to go (potentially even in your lifetime), but isn’t a certainty yet!

  9. hey mr. little, my prezi is only the first two articles and the goals, principles, and articles. so sadly not finished. but im pretty sure its 50 facts already! gotta start my math hw u kno..

  10. Morgan Meyer

    I did the ex credit but i noticed it was supposed to be due Friday is it OK if it is still counted because it took me 3 hours

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