Immigration Questions and Mini-Lesson?

As we close our study of the Constitution, several students have brought up questions regarding immigration – why do people immigrate, what limits there are, and HOW they immigrate. I think this provides a pretty valuable teaching moment to add it into the unit (Articles 1 & 6 give Congress authority over immigration and naturalization), as we can fit a mini-lesson in next week.
Seeing that we have many students in this year’s class that come from immigrant families, I’m more than happy to take input and observations on the process as many parents have lived it first hand. Many of us have heard stories from our grandparents or parents, but some of YOU have lived the process first hand. That’s a unique experience, and if you’d like to share anything, feel free to give me a call or e-mail back. 8 of my 27 8th period students have parents that immigrated! We all have our own views and perceptions, but this is a pretty big group this year, so why not hear some first hand (primary source!) accounts?
Feel free to add your input in regards to the decision to immigrate, the process, the cost, the problems/limits (or lack thereof?) and naturalization or citizenship process. Add anything else you feel relevant.

Extra Credit Opportunity

Do it by THURSDAY, March 24 (Constitution Test Day!)… I need 50 facts in either a:

Poppit presentation

or a

Prezi presentation

Here’s an example of Hunter H.’s poppit.

When you’re done, e-mail it to me, or leave it as a COMMENT on this post. I’ll move all of them to a post from which our classmates can use to study from!