US Constitution Study Guide

We are one week from the Constitution Test (March 24th, 2011)! This year, we did things a bit differently. We allowed the students to write the Study Guide. We spent the class organizing, reviewing and selecting the most important information. Doing this forces the students to do a large amount of work, not just wait for me to give them all the info. Students did well with this, despite a few technological issues to work out.

Below is the study guide. Note that it does NOT contain all of the questions. Otherwise, I would just give you the test :) Instead, use this as a guide to review and quiz with your children. If they can answer a number of these answers correctly, they’re in GREAT shape! Here’s another place to print it from so you don’t have to register with scribd: Study_Guide_-_Final_Test_-_2011!

Unless students request, I will NOT be printing and issuing to students this year. The time/cost would be quite high, and since kids compiled it, they should already be largely familiar with its content. Print at home, the library, or request a copy from me and I’ll HAPPILY do that!


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