Extra Credit, 2nd Trimester

Several students have suffered from the unfortunate condition that afflicts many 13 year olds in February – laziness. Missing assignments, underperforming on quizzes, and a lack of engagement have added up the last 6 weeks. As a result, we’ve got some grades we don’t like. Enter: Extra Credit!

Extra credit requires us to learn something a little extra to make up for what wasn’t learned during the planned lessons. I’ll offer a few options, but will focus it on one major idea: show me something about the government, in action.

  • Can you find an example of the Articles of the Constitution (specifically, the powers of each branch)? The Principles of the Constitution? The Preamble Goals?

Where can you find examples of this? Try:

  • Newspaper articles
  • YouTube or other Videos on the web
  • A classroom appropriate book
  • A Website

Students have some flexibility here, but the goal should be very clear: show our government working.  If you find something that’s not listed above, let me know and I’ll tell you if it’s good. If you want to make something (Sparky Poncho), same rules apply. I’m happy to negotiate a “price” for the EC if you’ve got a creative idea meeting the goal.

For each video, site, book, or article (or other), I’ll give 5 points extra credit. With each item, you must include 2 paragraphs summarizing 1) What the item is and a summary of it and 2) How it shows the government working (meeting the goal listed above).

All extra credit is due on 2/25. No later, as grades are due that day!