Do You KNOW Vocabulary?

What’s the best way to assess vocabulary?  Is it a rote-memory “matching” or “multiple choice” quiz?  I don’t think so.  Those are easy to grade, and easy to guess correctly on, but they do not ensure permanent learning, nor do they show me that a student actually knows the words.  So instead, I expect students to demonstrate knowing what the words mean with something like this:

Students must select a row of 4 – like Connect 4! – and build a single sentence with those four words.  For example, using the top row:

After Lewis and Clark explored the new west, the War of 1812 reinforced America’s stature as a sovereign nation, and capitalism led to a more urban, wealthy America.

You cannot “guess” your way out of this quiz.  If you don’t know the vocab, you cannot write a sentence.  (that first row’s a tough one – they’re not all that bad :)

Use this post as practice – or even create your own.  Make a 3×3 if you’d like it a bit easier, or even try a 5×5 grid!