Student Projects – 5th Period

Danny, Peter, and Max (guest starring Jeff S.)
Objective 3
Sparky’s back for another breathtaking Adventure In IMAX 3-D
Coming to Theaters Near You On November 29th

Tina and Jill
Objective 2

Michael T and Kevin M
Objective # 3
This is the blog in which our video will be on but will turn in on Monday

Deepthi and Nicole(:
objective #1

Alana C
Objective #5

Rhiann R
Objective #2

Audrey B and Hannah S
Objective #2

Rachel B and Julie D
Objective #1

Emily Q, Maggie S, Mackenzie A, and  Micah G
Objective  #1 and  3

Zack and Conner
Objective 3

Joe S and Jason T
Objective #3
Our video will be turned in on Monday

Danny S and Bryan N
Objective #3
Video will be turned on monday

Sam and Erin
Objective 1
Jake Greve
Objective 3


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  1. Max Magnino

    to watch the Sparky Poncho video it is on and when you type “Sparky Poncho HD” its the first one

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