American Revolution Project Rubric, Change

Here is the rubric with which I am grading the students’ projects:

Additionally, I’m moving the due date back a couple days.  We’re all over the place with this new project.  Some are done, some are still putting it all together.  But everyone is headfirst into this and has everything going in the right direction.  With this being new technology, and a new project for me, I’m going to give an extra couple days to finish up to be sure we’re all in class and prepared for presentations.  Instead, those will take place on Monday and Tuesday, November 29th and 30th.  I will have a sign up for those days on Monday, as well as a comprehensive list of all completed blogs, Prezi’s and videos.

This project has been a blast!  I can’t to share with you what our kids have done.  Very engaging, interesting, and FUN stuff!


2 thoughts on “American Revolution Project Rubric, Change

  1. Gabrielle Henderson

    Hi Mr. Little, it’s me Gabby. I’m still working on my Prezi. I have my ten facts done. Sorry about not getting them in on Friday. I was really busy. By the way, Prezi keeps telling me that my Prezi is too big. It’s really weird. I bet that you can help me with it on Monday. Ciao! :)

  2. Gabrielle Henderson

    Hey Mr. Little. I finished my Prezi so I don’t really know what to do with myself on Monday. You’ll probably come up with something. See you tomorrow. Adios :)

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