Recalling the Revolution

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QOTD: “Think about the American Revolution… what do you remember?  Consider the people, events, battles, and places.”


54 thoughts on “Recalling the Revolution

  1. Mike F.

    Thomous Jefferson, Ben franklin, George Washington, John Hancock, shot herd around the world, battle of York town, The& declaration of independence

  2. Nishant Lala

    Ahh Wassup im learning about the America revolution and i think it was when war world two was going on and an importatnt person i think is george washington. P.s> this is not NISHANT

  3. Kally Sluhoski

    Ben Franklin declaration of Independence
    Bunker hill they fought on
    This poadcasting idea is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tiff

    PEOPLE-George Washington,Ben Franklin,Thomas Jefferson,King George III,

    EVENTS-bostan tea party,boycotts,battles

    BATTLES-battle of buncker hill, battle of yorktown

    PLACES-buncker hill,yorktown

  5. Liz Prazak

    Heyyyyyyyyyy everybody!!!!

    r u feeling better?
    ihope you r well gtg bii!)

    PEOPLE: I think Gorge Washington is one person.
    BATTLES: Bunker Hill, and Yorktown

    Bii-bii peeps!!!

  6. Nick K

    American Revolution George Washington led the Americans. Paul revere made the shot heard around the world. It happened in the 1800’s

  7. John Marano

    I remember the battle of bunker hill, Paul Revere, the shot heard around the world, and George Washington. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. hunter h

    George Washington, Old Hikory, Ben Franklin, “shot heard around the world”, Battle of new orleans, battle of bunker hill, battle of yorktown, lexington and cocord, qubec, montreal, boston tea party, boston,

  9. Sean B

    Ben Franklin, Ben Arnold, george washington, king george III, tom jefferson, gen. cormwallice, boston tea party, shot heard around the world, concord, lexington, bunkerhill,trenton $ green mountain boys, crossing the delaware, the Treaty of Paris, and Yorktown

  10. Jeff S

    the shot heard round the world, constitution, america wins, ben franklin ans a electrocuted kite, yorktown, bunker hill

  11. Arabella Z

    at the battle of Bunker Hill, General Cornwalis told the soldiers not to shoot the british until they see the whites of their eyes.

  12. Carolyn W

    Boston Tea Party, Shot heard around the world, Battle of Yorktown, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, Townsend Act, and Battle of Bunker Hill.

  13. Emma H.

    I remember the Battle at Bunker Hill, Paul Revere, shot heard around the world, Boston Tea Party, Ben Franklin

  14. Alan Z. the ninja

    I remember the battle of Bunker Hill, and the shot heard around the world. Also, there was some dude taking over Fort Ticonderoga. Somehow, I also remember Lexington for some reason.

  15. It was a movement of justice occurring from the English and British colones they had continuous wars and outburst which came into the treaty and Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence.

  16. Noah V

    George Washington,Bennidict Arnold,Paul revere, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, The british dude with an accent,Cornwallice, Boston teaparty, shot heard round the world, bunker hill, lexington, concord,Deleware crossing, yorktown, the battle where people died, and the place where the decleration of independence was signed by alot of people….
    copy righted

  17. Kyle B

    I mostly remember the shot heard round the but I also remember battles like bunker hill, Yorktown and when George Washington crossed the Delaware. I also happen to remember Ben Franklin. HIYA PAL

  18. Pierropoulos, Andrew

    George Washington, King George 3, Bunker hill, loyalists, patriots, declaration of independence, battle of yorktown, thomas jefferson, ben franklin, john adams, england 13 colonies, paul revere warned the army that “THE BRITISH ARE COMING”!!!!!

  19. Samantha B.

    all i remember is the shot herd round the world. oh and i also saw this episode of ghost adventures and it had to do with the revolutionnary war and it was scary.



  21. TaYl0r K0UtNy! (:

    hahaha, i don’t know that much…/:
    but i remember something about
    The Declaration of Independence
    Ben Franklin…and stuff.
    i guess…..?
    okaaay, bye kids. [:

  22. Katie

    I remember the Decleration of Independance,Ben Franklin,Thomas Jefferson,Battle of Bunker Hill,George Washington,Benadick Arnold,Concord,Lexington,Trenton, and Yorktown.

  23. kristen B

    i remember the declaration of independents,the battle at bunker hill, the shot heard around the world, paul revere, and the boston tea party.

  24. Tyler Felske

    I remember the Declaration of Independence and the battle of the Revolutionary war. One of the battles was the Battle of Yorktown.

  25. evan baird

    the amaerican revolution is the war wwhere the patriots got their freedom from britain. The king of england taxed their tea and most of the stuff they had. most of the americans did not have any money. some americans stayed loyal to britain and paid the taxes. a small group called the “sons of liberty” sumped their tea in the har bor and got the brittish really mad.

  26. Sharon T

    I know that Ben Franklin was part of the American Revolution and George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, also the battle of yorktown took place in this.

  27. Jasmine Bieber

    People: George Washington, King George III,Tom Jefferson
    Events: Boston Tea Party,Boycotts,Battles
    Battles:Battle of yorktown
    Palces: Buncker hill, yorktown

    Hi VIRIDIANA AND SID!!!! bii g2g see you later!!!

  28. Mike T

    I remember the battle of Yorktown on Christmas Day, Boston Massacre, Battle of Bunker Hill, First shot at Lexington was by?, Boston Tea Party, Mr. Von Steuben, John Hancock, Battle of Saratoga, First Continental Congress in 1774, Second Continental Congress in 1775, Stamp Act, Samuel Adams, Tea Act, British blockade on Boston, Sons of Liberty, Daughters of Liberty, the cry” Taxation without Representation”, Bunker Hill, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Cornwallis, Paul Revere, The British act that said that any solider of their’s can stay in anyone’s house, King George III, German Mercenaries, muskets, Green Mountain Boy’s, Thomas Jefferson, Delaware Crossing, Battle in Quebec, Battle in Ottawa, Valley Forge, The Guerrilla battle tactic, the battle of Trenton, and finally Benedict Arnold. ©


  29. ashley hegarty

    George Washington,Ben Franklin,Thomas Jefferson,King George III, bostan tea party,boycotts,battles, battle of buncker hill, battle of yorktown, buncker hill,yorktown

  30. Alexa A. :))))

    I remember the battle of bunker hill , the battle of trenton, guerilla battle tictic. The battle of quebec Thomas jefferson ben franklin george Wasington. The declaration of independence…. and thats it :)

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