Accountability Sheets

About once a week, I get an e-mail from a parent, confused about what the “Accountability Sheets” are.  Seems reasonable, since they don’t really go home and are never homework.  This is what they look like:

These sheets are designed to hold students accountable for what takes place in the classroom each day.  I write a goal on the board, compose a lesson around that goal, and then students need to reflect upon what they’ve learned.  Obviously, if it’s nothing, then something is wrong!  Either I didn’t do anything on that given day (doubtful!), or students are daydreaming of the days when the Bears were actually good at football.

Students get 2 points each day – 1 for the goal, 1 for their reflection.  This isn’t a major grade, but it adds up.  Students who socialize or don’t take the time to think about what we did in class are losing points.  By the end of the trimester, this will add up to 60 points!  These are really free points for the taking – it just takes a minute to think, then write down a thought.  I don’t even require a complete sentence, just a thought.