Native Cultures Project – Home Stretch!

Over 1 week in, and many groups are nearly done.  The components and thoughts to reinforce over the next couple days are as follows:

  1. “10 Facts” are due on Friday.  I explained this to the students today.  Each group is to have 10 facts that clearly answer their Big Question.  This should be typed and headed.
  2. Students have Thursday and Friday to complete this project in class.  Nearly all students are done with all typed portions, and just need to compose their final product.  Students may need to do a little bit at home, but at this point, there is no requirement or need to from my end.
  3. If students bring work in, they should be sure it is labeled.  Things get lost or stolen occasionally… it’s important to have a name on the materials to make that less likely.

And finally, here is a list of what each student, partnership, or group is working on.  If you’d like more info, I’m happy to respond via e-mail regarding your specific student.

2nd Period:

Anthony – Building on the Inca

Mike, Trent – Building the Inca

Sydney and Liz – Building the Maya

Nick – Magazine article on the Maya

Ryan, John, Hunter – Building on the Navajo

Pimaa – Magazine article on the Maya

Angelica – Magazine article on the Inca

Steven, Sean, Jacob – Building the Aztec

Kevin, Nishant, Matt – Building the Inca

Ally, Kally, Jax – Building/Making the Aztecs

Joseph – Building the Aztecs

3rd Period:

Luke – Building the Aztecs

Gabrielle – Building the Pueblo

Matt, Alan, Noah – Building the Olmec

Dana, Alexa – Building the Inca

Joey, Andrew, Jeff – Building the Aztecs

Marissa, Chloe – Building the Aztecs

Cormac, Sokito – Building the Aztecs

Ali, Chris, Mike – Building the Aztecs

Emma, Natalia, Arabella – Slideshow/Building the Aztecs

Jasmine, Ashley, Leah – Building the Maya

Joe M. and Kyle – Building the Aztecs

Carolyn – Magazine Article on the Maya

4th Period:

Katie, Stephanie, Kristin – Building the Inca

Morgan – Building the Aztecs

Eric, Kyle – Magazine comparing Aztecs and Maya

Peter, Evan, Joe – Building Aztec temple

Jeremiah, John, Cameron – Poster on the Aztecs

Tyler, Tyler, Shaliyah – Archaeological Dig on the Aztecs

Alexis, Hope, Taylor – Comparing the way North American Cultures lived

Sheryl, Sharon – Poster on what happened to /comparing Native Cultures

Jeffery – Poster on Aztecs

Jasmine, Siymon – Poster on Aztecs

5th Period:

Micah – Podcast on Aztecs

McKenzie, Emily, Maggie – Building the Olmecs

Deepthi, Nicole – Anasazi slideshow and Building

Alana – Comic Strip on Aztecs

Sam, Erin – Poster on the Inca

Jill, Jason, Joe – Building the Maya

Sam, Erin – Poster on Inca

Rachel, Julie – Building the Aztecs

Connor, Zach – Building the Inca

Audrey – Magazine Article on Aztecs

Max, Danny – Video on the Aztecs

Peter, Mike, Kevin – Play/skit on the Aztecs

Jake – Poster on the Aztecs

Danny, Austin, Preston – Skit/Video on the Aztecs

Tina, Hannah – Magazine on the Olmecs

7th Period:

Cyrus, Dan, Andrew – Building Early NA

Virdiana, Salvador – Building the Aztecs

Jenna, Lara, Julia – Building comparing Aztec/Inca/Maya

Nikitha, Yvonne – Building the Pueblos

Lisa, Megan, Marissa, Claudia – Building comparing the Early NA

Ali, Patrick, Kwame – Building comparing the Early NA

Sam, Tyler, Sean – Video on Olmec and Aztecs

8th Period:

Hannah, Stephanie, and Kayla – Building the Inca

Patrick, Sid, Brian – Building the Aztecs

Megan, Emily – Building the Aztecs

Saima – Treasure Chest of Aztecs

Rachel, Larissa, Cassidy – Building the Aztecs

Sarah, Leanna, Georgia – Building the Maya

Anthony, William – Poster on the Inca

Sarah, Diana, Jacki – Magazine comparing the Aztec, Inca, Maya

Christian – Poster comparing Native Cultures

Marjorie, Olivia – Building Aztecs

Zain, Ryan – Building the Aztecs

Johnathan, Jack, Bradley – Archaeological dig on the Inca