Confusion, Frustration

Tuesday in class we began what I thought was a simple assignment: break into groups and complete the following WS:

When we would finish the WS, students will share what they learned with their classmates and we would have a completed, collaborative chart comparing the Native Cultures.


Great design, but a couple things went wrong.  One, the preceding discussion in some classes went too long, leaving us a little time to complete the WS.  Two, The WS just took too long!  I made it, and didn’t realize that it would take so long.  I’m very sorry that some students tried doing this all for homework, and and that I assigned it to some classes!  It was too much, and I rarely do this.

In addition the WS mistake, another problem showed up.  I teach 6 classes, and not every class is always at the same point every time.  Some discussions go GREAT, and we carry them for the duration of a class.  Others end sooner, so we begin with our lesson.  For this reason, some classes may have homework while others don’t.  This can be confusing to some kids – and parents who try to make sure their students are doing everything they should be.  I will be explicitly clear in my blog directions from now on… my vague homework hotline blog led to some confusion between students who followed my in-class directions, and parents who followed my homework hotline directions.  I’m sorry for that confusion.

As a result of ALL THIS :) our project roll-out will be at different places today.  By tomorrow, we’ll be all evened out and everyone will be on the same page.  I’ll blog about THAT tomorrow!!