Two Things

1/Grades: Grades will be entered next week.  I shy from doing them too soon at the begining of a trimester, as grades fluctuate too dramatically.  After Friday’s Quiz, we’ll have enough grades to get them in.  You should start seeing grades by mid-week.

2/First Quiz is Friday!  We’ve studied this practically every day the first 2 weeks.  We’ve sang songs, we’ve done skits, we’ve seen videos, we’ve gone through each map, and we’ve played computer games.  Hopefully, students have been supplementing this at home.  We’ve really emphasized using our Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences to be more EFFECTIVE in the way we study.  You can see a big improvement so far, so I can’t wait to see final grades tomorrow.

In addition to grading these quizzes, I won’t be doing just a straight-out-of-100% grade.  While that rewards the students that know all their states, those that make great gains aren’t rewarded.  For example, a student who scores a 19 on the first quiz and gets a 76 on the next doesn’t get rewarded for his/her hard work.  They improve nearly 60 points and still get a C.  I don’t’ want to reward just what they know, but what they LEARNED in the last week or so.

Instead, we’ll reward their progress.  Any student who scored below a 40% on the first quiz is required to get a 75% on the Final.  If they score above a 75%, those extra points become extra credit.  If the score below, their grade is curved out of 75.  For example, a student who scored an 19 on the first quiz and gets a 76 on the final quiz would get 101%, rewarding him/her for tremendous growth and hard work in a week or so.  If this student were instead to score just a 55, their grade would be a C (as opposed to an F on a normal scale).

When you see students scores in the computer, their percent will show “points earned out of 100.”  This is essentially their final score.  Be sure to check out their actual quiz to see what they originally scored, what their goal was, and how they improved.  I hope you’ll be impressed with what they learned!