Brain Matter

We tallied the 7th grade today to find totals in each of the Multiple Intelligences.  This is what we came up with:

Bodily-Kinaestetic: 61 (16% of all 7th graders list this in their top 3)

Interpersonal: 96 (21%)

Verbal-Linguistic: 30 (7%)

Logical-Mathmatical: 36 (8%)

Naturalistic: 46 (10%)

Intrapersonal: 67 (15%)

Visual-Spatial: 50 (11%)

Musical: 64 (14%)

I’ll use this data to vary my teaching methods with each class period.  Some vary dramatically from others.  5th Period, for example, is roughly 25% each of Body, People and Music Smart, and 5% of each of the remainder!  I’m very glad I tallied the per-class differences, as I can quantify how different each one is.  We, as teachers, always know that each class is different, but a quantified measure of that is very interesting, and helpful.

If you’re curious about your son/daughter’s results, check out their (green) Student Inventory Sheet that went home today.  They’ll be able to share with you.

Additionally, we spent class today explaining how each group can use their learning style to better understand their