Extra Credit

I rarely do this, but I am offering year-end extra credit.  See below for info:


3 thoughts on “Extra Credit

  1. Mr. Little, I have a question for you, I brought home the green checks and balances worksheet to do for homework since I will be missing half of class tomorrow but I didn’t see other than the book where to find the answers. I have a few missing blanks. Any suggestions? Tomorrow is hectic for me so I thought I’d get it done. Thank you for giving out extra credit this was the only class that I needed to bring my grade up from a B+ to an A. Thank you for reading Emma Sprandel. !!!!!!!! School has 10 days left!!!!!

  2. Emma:

    First, look on page 257. You’ll find quite a bit there. Second, look through your notes. Those will be tougher to find, but between the two, you should have enough.

    If all else fails, check back here tomorrow. I’ll post the completed version all together.

    Thanks for working so hard!

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