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I will be updating this post frequently over the next 2 weeks.  Please check back for what will become dozens of project resources!

Pros & :Cons

Big  thanks to Eric W. (7th Period) for a great resource share: Great for any comparison of both sides of an issue, and it has lots of issues.   Start here for any argumentative poster/paper.

Supreme Court:

Wikipedia has a very nice, and organized, collection of resources.  Start searching for Supreme Court Cases here:

Collection of 21 “Landmark” Supreme Court Cases:

Neverending list of 1st Amendment SCOTUS cases:

Long list of 2nd Amendment SCOTUS case law:

Great site to search for many SCOTUS cases:

Also, the 5/17 ruling regarding kids and life sentences,0,276108.story

Legislative Process:

Go to to see what an actual Bill looks like (such as this one:

One of the most important pieces of legislation from Congress this year:

All of JUDY’S legislation!

US Citizenship Test Questions:

US Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Citizenship site.  Tons of useful study guides, forms, pictures, and info!

Death Penalty:

Try starting with these two SCOTUS sites – one with a list of dozens of cases @ Wikipedia – and another with some great background on all of it:  As is always the case with Wikipedia, scroll down to the bottom of the page to get TONS of great outside links and resources.  Wikipedia uses have done tons of work for you – why re-invent the wheel?


Make your own board games:

Ms. Coppoletta’s class has a real good example of Digital Storytelling:


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