Reasons for Government

We discuss this week the reasons why civilizations form government, and the factors that make America’s government so much more special, and longer lasting, than others.  This WS will serve as the centerpiece of Tuesday’s discussion, but also as a Study Guide for Friday’s Quiz on the same material.


3 thoughts on “Reasons for Government

  1. Caitlyn R.

    So far I’ve raised about $40 from just my family and me. Tommorow after school, Delaney and I are going to her neighborhood and collecting money while going door to door. We were also thinking that since I play the harp, maybe I could play for others.

  2. Caleb

    When i was walking home i saw a bunch of trash on the floor and it was really windy and it was blowing all over the place and i ran and got the trash and put it in the garbage.

  3. Rebekah

    I’ve gone door to door asking asking for donations for Ride Janie Ride with two of my closest friends. Instead, of hanging out and doing crazy junior high things, i did something for the common good. so far I’ve raised about $56 for Ride Janie Ride.

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