Catching Up…

It’s been a rough first week back from a technology aspect… I’ve been virtually without a computer at both home and school.  Ouch!  For a blog that is so regularly updated, I’m very sorry to have fallen behind with updates and copies of work.

On Monday, 4/12, we will have our first quiz on the Constitution Unit.  It will cover:

  • 10 Bill of Rights Amendments
  • 6 Preamble Goals
  • 7 Principles of the Constitution
  • 7 Articles of the Constitution

This should be an “easy” quiz, as it only requires rote memorization of these items.  Students have to only memorize WHAT they 6 goals of the preamble are, not necessarily examples.  That comes later, as we first must learn the basic framework and fundamental structure of our USC.

After the quiz, we’ll discuss the need for government, what happens without one, and apply some of this basic knowledge.  We’ll bring in some philosophy.  This is in considerable contrast to our relative rote-memory concentration of this past week.