2010 Boys Soccer Team

Congrats to the following boys for making the boys soccer team!

  1. Adam Azriel
  2. Patrick Wisdom
  3. Chris David
  4. Rob Quinn
  5. Jacob Amiri
  6. Jack Herstowski
  7. Jacob Baker
  8. Dan Niezgoda
  9. Matt Froats
  10. Ryan Bovard
  11. Kristian Cikoch
  12. Matt Colip
  13. Scott Holakovsky
  14. Joe Caldarazzo
  15. Peter Fish
  16. Julian Martinez
  17. Eric Bennett
  18. Austin Rutkowski
  19. Alan Zhou
  20. Anthony Masello

Many thanks to the boys that came and tried out.  This was one of the toughest tryouts we’ve had in some time, including a highly competitive group of 6th graders.

3 thoughts on “2010 Boys Soccer Team

  1. Rachel

    Hi! Post the hw, could you? Forgot to write down what exactly is on the quiz, just everything on the Basics ws?

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