Homework/Vocab Quiz 3/16

Students should continue their “10 Sentence” assignment, writing 10 sentences using all of their Vocab words. This should help the students prepare for our Vocab Quiz tomorrow.

These Sentences can/should include multiple Vocab Words.  For example:

George Washington was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, which was created by the Second Continental Congress, amongst other things.


The Second Continental Congress hoped to avoid war with Britain by sending the Olive Branch Petition, but that failed, creating a need to unite their militias with the Continental Army.

You must use each word to show you know what it means.   Avoid Sentences like:

Nathan Hale, John Adams, and the Green Mountain Boys were all things from the American Revolution.

Yes, thank you.  However, you’ve shown know mastery of the vocab and clearly have no clue what each person/group did.   Each of your 10 sentences must accomplish that goal.


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  1. Saule G.

    Hahaha! Now I know what we will have 2 do on the quiz!!!!!! And u tried to keep it a secret………:D

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