Catching Up…

Last week was brutal, due largely to illness within my family.  I, personally,  have never been so sick.  I missed 3 days in total.  Aside from my own personal “suffering,” my school work was abandoned for 3 days.  Thankfully, we were fortunate to have a great substitute teacher – Mrs. Froats – who taught well in my absences.  The state and capital quizzes are a great example of that.  The scores are excellent, and that is because of her.

Quizzes will be coming back Monday.  My wife has benevolantly let me be free most of the weekend to do work like this, grading both the State and Capital quizzes and last week’s 13 Colonies quizzes.  It’s been a busy weekend, but they are nearly done.  Please accept my apology for not getting them back sooner.  Typically, I like to give quizzes back within a week, but these will be back a little later because of my illness.

State and Capital quizzes are graded and accepted as-is.

13 Colonies quizzes will be accepted with the minor “corrections” we’ll be making in class on Monday.  One part may have been confusing, so I will clarify that in class on Monday and allow students to have a second shot at it.  The remainder of that quiz will be as-is, too.  I do not typically allow corrections, as I did with the first quiz.