Dominating Defense

Our Varsity Spartans have played Westview Hills twice the last 3 days, beating them both times by a total of 59-40.  While as a team, we’re playing some dominating defense (including 43 steals, 18 blocks), a few individual performances are standing out:

  • Shannon S. (Westmont Rotary Club All-Tournament Team Selection) has had 25 points, 3 Assists, and 12 Steals, and 5 Rebounds in the 2 games against WV.  Shannon came close to a team record of 16 points (scoring 15) on Monday.
  • Heather W. has completely dominated the glass against much bigger opponents, gathering a staggering 31 rebounds.  Her team record is 16, which she matched on Saturday.

Tomorrow we go up against Old Quarry.  Look for another great game from these girls, but look out for Lauren and Amanda, whose play has enabled their teammates to flourish.  They’re due for some big individual games themselves.  And Stephanie’s just starting to warm up, too…


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