SOOOO Close!!

I have no idea how this didn’t go in.  We were THAT close to a tie or win.  With 29 seconds left, Ahona stole the ball off the press, drove to the basket, and was fouled as she released her layup.  The ball ran around the rim and out.  She would still make 1 of her FT’s, and we lost 29-28.

These losses are the most frustrating.  Players and coaches all think “what if I had done this… or made that… or NOT done that?”  Coaches do the same thing.  There are many lessons to learn from a close loss like this:

  • A game is a collective effort.  No one play makes or breaks it.
  • You cannot take any time “off.”  The 4 shots we allowed – uncontested – in a 4-5 minutes span of the 1st half played a big difference here.
  • We must shoot better from the FT line.  4 players missed a FT in a 1 points loss.  We were 6/19 overall.
  • Get over it!  Yes, they’re tough, but a 2 point swing should  not so dramatically change how we feel about our effort in our first game.  Does Ahona making a layup change the fact that we passed horribly?  Or didn’t box 23 out?  Or allowed 5 free shots in the game?  No.  Yes, a win feels better, especially against Jefferson, but we were close.  Have pride in yourself for having given everything you could have.   Jefferson is an outstanding team, but so are we.  Some may think that  close enough isn’t good enough, but this is middle school basketball, not the pros.  Feel good about about a great effort and a great game.  We’ve come along way.  Not bad for our first game with a nearly-full team.

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