Revolution in Europe

Monday and Tuesday’s classes will feature lessons on what stimuli forced and allowed Europeans to explore America.  We will use the following resources as our sources of information:

Scientific Revolution Text

Renaissance Text

Religious Reformation Text

As students read, they will be identifying the important information with these worksheets:

Guided Reading WS – Religious Reformation

Guided Reading WS – Renaissance

Guided Reading WS – Scientific Revolution

As this is a great deal for students to read alone (and will take 4 days of class to do), we jigsaw this reading.  We break the students into 3 groups, then return to a class and share what we’ve learned under my direction.  When we do that, it is important to organize our information properly, which is what this sheet is for:

European Revolution WS

Students should not have homework, but may find themselves needing to read/print these Texts tonight to finish their individual Guided Reading WS.