Age of Exploration Quiz

On Thursday, December 17, we will have a quiz over the Age of Exploration.  Please read and review the below Study Guide.  It contains all of the pertinent information for this quiz… I won’t be redundant by repeating what I’ve already written on it :)

Age of Exploration Quiz Study Guide 2009


4 thoughts on “Age of Exploration Quiz

  1. Kool Kid

    hey would you post new pictures os mason 4 me? he’s so cute and i’d love 2 see more of him! I’m sure those old pictures are at least from last year…

  2. Mrs. Martino

    Quick Question regarding the Study Guide, the “You should also know the following” section: “What was The Requirement?”, we are having a difficult time locating this information, notes, textbook, handouts. Other than that looks good and thanks! All we can come up with is “fog horns or trumpeteers” for the ships!

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