How We Learn

This week was designed to accomplish one of our major goals this year: helping students become more accountable for their learning.

We first identified our Personality Types, which was an interesting and sometimes hilarious way to look at our behavior traits.  We looked at our positive traits, and what we should embrace about ourselves (ambitious, creative, task-orient, etc.).  Then we looked at the downside: what behaviors we’re at risk for (laziness, daydreaming, isolation, etc.).  This is scientific research, not some facebook quiz.

This is also not a way to box children in and label them.  Just because a child is a certain personality doesn’t mean they have an excuse to behave negatively in any way.  For example, just because I’m an Idealist and that type has a tendency to talk too much, doesn’t mean I can blabber endlessly.  (That’s why I have a blog!)  Knowing your type simple makes you more aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  Students should use this knowledge to maximize their productivity in groups, partners, and on a day-to-day level with their school and other work.

Additionally, we looked at our Multiple Intelligences.  This is directly applied to our academic success, as it directs students to identify their strengths in reference to permanently learning information.  Again, it’s a scientific test.  Students should use this information to study more efficiently.  For example, if a person is not very “Word Smart,” it’s useless to study notecards endlessly.

I use Multiple Intelligences when I create my weekly lesson plans.  I do this, obviously, to be sure I’m engaging all learners.  Students can’t do this, so they should take charge of studying in accordance to their strengths (typically top 3 Intelligences.  We’ll have a Test on “Coming to America” mid-next week, so it would be a good time to practice doing just that (as would this week’s Science and Math tests!).

All this information is useless if students do not take accountability and take charge of their learning! We give the students tools to learn better, tools and knowledge many people search for throughout their academic lives.  Students need to put this information to good use and directly into practice.

UPDATE:Here is a Facebook Group for Personality Types/True Colors. We talked about this in 5th Period, so here you go, FB users!