“Homework” for the Ballers

As we spoke about our Lisle loss today, we highlighted the necessity to learn from our mistakes.  Sure, we’d like to avoid days like Wednesday, but they happen.  Aside from things on the court we did poorly, we had another, and we think bigger and more important problem: a widespread lack of effort and desire.

Starting in the middle of Monday’s game at Westmont, girls lost their trademark spark.  Something was missing.  The next day we had our worst practice of the year, and it translated into our worst game of the year.  Whatever the talent, experience, size, or athleticism, no team will win with the kind of effort we put in this week.

Today we talked and addressed this directly.  And we saw an instant change in the girls.  We rebounded from our worst game/practice with a good hour practice.   And with a renewed purpose, I think: if something means enough to you, make time for it.  And do it well.

We gave the girls a few things they can do on their own.  We’re not making them do it, but for those that are motivated to become a better ballplayer after this weekend, they’ll work to improve.  If become a better basketball player is truly important, then they will find 10, 20, 60 minutes to work on this at home.  Just like school – sometimes what we do here isn’t enough.  It is the people who do EXTRA that makes them the best.

Below are the handouts we gave the kids.  Since a couple left them in the locker room, I hope they find these useful: