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2 years ago in DC, we drove past one of the newest museums on the mall, the “Newseum:” a museum dedicated to newspapers – past and present – and the preservation of our First Amendment.  The building features numerous interactive exhibits of historical events, the media’s role in our culture, and a 71-foot engraving of the First Amendment on it’s exterior.  Additionally – and perhaps my favorite part – they display dozens of newspaper front pages outside the building.   ABC’s “This Week” broadcasts from here every Sunday, so perhaps you’ve seen it there.

Sadly, I’ve never been to the Newseum!  Our DC trip does not include it, and I haven’t been to DC for a personal trip in 5 years.  Instead, I get my fix from a portion of their website, one that allows you to see front pages of newspapers from around the country, both big cities and small.  Others remind me of one of my (many) past residences.  It’s very cool to see what’s going on around the country, especially as our news media is so driven by national political issues.  Or celebrities.  Or children who may or may not be in balloons.


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  1. bfoellmer

    Mr. Little,
    At one time, the Newseum was a part of the DC trip. I visited twice with our Lakeview kids quite a few years ago, now. It is, definitely, an interesting place!! The first time I went to DC, we didn’t go the the Newseum because it didn’t exist, yet, nor did the FDR memorial! The WWII memorial didn’t exist on any of my trips with school. I saw that for the first time when visiting with my family a couple of years ago. It is interesting how the trip has evolved over the years.
    Mrs. Foellmer

    Mrs. Foellmer

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