Research Update

While we’re halfway done with research, we still have several things we need to do in order to present this in a useful manner:

  1. Organize and prepare our slides (10 slides began by end of class Monday).  Research and the subsequent gathering of information is useless if you don’t think through it and present it in an organized and easy-to-learn fashion.  Most students have done this, but some are rushing out slides willy-nilly.  We’ll fix that today ; )
  2. Submit 10 “Test Questions” for Friday’s open-note student-generated Test.  In doing this, students identify what their 10 most important points are from their research.  They also give me time to prepare a “study guide” of sorts for their fellow researchers/students taking notes on Thursday/Friday.
  3. Present their research.  Most are doing this in the Researching Chicago – Presenattion and PPT.  A few others are Researching Chicago – Paper Rubric using the standard format for doing such (thesis/introduction-body paragraphs-conclusion).  Either way, students must use the rubric provided (and linked above).

Students are doing an excellent job and learning a great deal of information.  I can’t wait to see the finished presentations and will share them with you on Friday/Saturday when they are complete.