Research Project

We spent this week researching Chicago.  This project serves two goals:

  1. Learn to be better researchers.
  2. Teach a part of Chicago’s culture and history to your classmates.

Accomplishing both takes time.  We spent Monday – Friday collecting resources.  This required the abstention of using typical “researching” methods – google, ask, bing, etc.  Many students were indignant at the thought of not using the only sites they could possibly find information!  But most learned to find good sources still.  This is one of the most important lessons to learn, as students will have to do so next year in 8th grade, and certainly when they go to high school.  Learning to do that now makes the process far easier, and progressively makes them better researchers and students.

Next week, we’ll work on our presentations.  Rubrics go out Monday, and I’ll blog with that and give more info then!