Congrats: 2009 JV Basketball Team

The following is our roster for the 2009 JV (6th/7th Grade) Basketball Team:

  1. Rebecca A
  2. Tiffany B
  3. Megan S
  4. Sydney D
  5. Jacky J
  6. Jill K
  7. Jeannie L
  8. Antionette Z
  9. Rebekah O
  10. Taylor J
  11. Miyax L
  12. Dana K
  13. Ava P

This was the hardest tryout we’ve ever conducted.  Girls who do not make the team should have some comfort in that.  They’re good players, good athletes, and have lots of potential.  We look forward to seeing them after the season during intramurals, summer leagues, open gyms, camps, etc.  Thank you for your time and effort this week, not to mention  your patience the last 24 hours.

To the JV team: practice begins Monday at 3:00.  See you then!

~Mr. Little & Ms. Nyhlen


3 thoughts on “Congrats: 2009 JV Basketball Team

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  2. asthma buddy #2

    …where’s amanda, mr.litte??!?!? does that mean she mite be on varsity…
    and sorry, i couldnt finish running the 6 in 36 today, ahh i really do need to get in shape…bad lungs!

  3. Yes, Amanda will run with Varsity. She’s going to be a great fit and will allow us to do a lot of different things. JV will be very good, but Varsity will flat out ball. I can’t wait to start.

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